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Rik for... ohh wait!

Day 2,087, 07:45 Published in Japan Serbia by Rik Daphnee

Hello citizens of eJapan!

First of all, I wanna thank to everyone who supported or voted on last Presidential elections! You, guys and girls, were amazing. We didn’t win this time, but we will end this job another time.

I was candidate in the front of Shinsengumi. As you can see on the picture, just Shinsengumi officially supported me. I have tried to talk with other Party President, but most of them didn’t answered on my IGM message. I was really negative suprised. At all, few days before this elections I was really suprised by inactivity in our political space. Only PPs who wanted to talk with me are: Geezus, Darshu, Dank and Spider. This time, I want to thank you guys for our conversation.

As I said in my CP candidature, this country has really big potential. Till now, no one wanted to use it. I am here for a months... In last period, I’ve tried to change something through conversation with some players, but nothing. So, I decided to run for president.

Did I lose?

Yes, but just partially... I think that I brought some fun here through my program. You were able to see cars everywhere... with idea about cars, I didn’t wanted just to present my political program for next month. There was some intentions to present something from RL Japan that isn’t Anime or Manga. For a months here, I just saw Anime and Manga in our articles. It was little bored for me, because I personally don’t like it so much. It was interesting to see that other candidates are mentioning cars, too. At the end, Geezus destroyed my bolid with his tank.

Also, activity of earlier Presidents was crappy. Yes.... We were able to see their activity on the moments (there also were 1-2 really active presidents). Last two mandate ends before the end. I wanted to improve that, too. Maybe someone other will do it in next period...

Transparency, what is it?

Citizens can’t know everything. But, there is some things that citizens need to know. Only bright point about transparency is Ministry of Finance. Few months ago, MoF team (Milutin M. and me) started revolution there. For 2 months, everyone knew where the money is. This month, I wanted to do something like that with other ministries. Peak of the bad transparency is that we don’t know why last Government spent 72.000 CC. In the MoF document we can see that some mercenaries are paid. And, it’s everything about that.

I think that I wanted to say something more, buy it’s lost in my minds.

Once more, I wanna thank to everyone who supported my candidacy!



nuno258 Day 2,087, 08:14

so close

Albanian Armed Forces
Albanian Armed Forces Day 2,087, 08:18

hey I have vote and sub your news.... please vote and sub mine

synhro Day 2,087, 08:27

Well there is always the next long as energy and good will keep prevailing.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 2,087, 08:54

Dont worry, money and mastercards cannot always win.

MacBen Day 2,087, 09:24

Next time ,lad.
This election has shown many citicens that you don't have to vote for the lesser evil to prevent the worst.

tarasino Day 2,087, 11:16

I don't know why you are unclear about the 72k. Are you asking, if the money was payed or why it was payed? 72k CC were paid for mercenaries in the battle of Kinki, 2 weeks ago. The bill was approved by the president from e request of the MInistry of FA. It is presidents authority and judgement to decide how he spends the money. The MoF only executes the payment.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,087, 11:29

Im not talking about why you spent that money. There is a question: for what? We paid mercenaries for the battle of Kinki where we lost campaign with 88-00. For that amount of money, we could do it better.

tarasino Day 2,087, 11:47

Every candidate says he could do it better.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,087, 11:54

I just wanna know how many millions Government bought from FAS... For that amount of money, you can buy about 1 billion dmg. With 1 billion damage, you can solve 2-3 rounds in big battles, between titans. I really can't say that Portugal is 'Titan' of the New World.

tarasino Day 2,087, 12:04

Oh sorry. 400kk at 180cc a mill. That was before the CO changes in the game mechanics. After that the price fell significantly. I didn't make the deal so i don't know all the details.

ardishabutaro Day 2,087, 17:36

back then , afaik i paid lazo to fight mercenary at 100 cc/mil damage
with this era (titan era), it should be cheaper than that.

Q7 tanks = almost 10 back then 😉

ardishabutaro Day 2,087, 17:35

this type of expenditure that i hate to hear. 72k for mercenaries, and we know at the end of this term
using only CP authority, just like old CP era (AB etc), using country money and report after that.

but, i can't protest more. Natsu donated more than 100k to eJapan, so: case closed

tarasino Day 2,088, 04:13

1. That's not true, shabutaro. I have mentioned several times, in irc, articles etc.
2. Natsu donated 500k, 250k for the money you took from Darshu.
3. If the SSG is butthurt from losing the election it is not my fault and certainly it is not Natsu's fault. You have been a member of that same cabinet. I you had any complaints about me or the ex CP you could have done it publicly. You know very well that for every little transaction the minister asked i always asked for Cp approval.

ardishabutaro Day 2,088, 05:54

May i correction that word?

Not the end of the term.
The end when the money goes. He used it (gov money), before asking the diet. and it is 72k! (7x MPP)
just like old one i said (when they paid AB for commune, and no one knows it)

but, it is not bothering me, as i said before: Natsu donated more than 100k (you said 250k to eJP treasury), so i don't mind for this

ardishabutaro Day 2,088, 05:58

1. and by the way: i don't blame you because 72k, it is not your authority. you only administer the money and maintain the in-out money.

2. i am not feel butthurted from losing election. Win or lose is the result, i appreciate the process of election, and the ending was good for me.
i am in the same cabinet as the other, but hey! no one knows what happen between each other.

Ask other people in cabinet. Are they know TW deal?
even he didn't create Cabinet mass PM, to inform all cabinet whats happen between each other xD

GVOZDENI Tihi glas
GVOZDENI Tihi glas Day 2,087, 11:47

bolje da si napisao drzvalajni srbije

Lukas Arrav
Lukas Arrav Day 2,087, 13:51

I have to apology for my behavior. I have forgotten to vote and i don't even remember if i logged in that day. I'm sorry that could be my fault.

Tomoyuki Yamashita
Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,087, 13:54

there is always next election

synhro Day 2,087, 16:18

"The Post El(r)ectoral"

Darshu Day 2,087, 16:53

I can't avoid to notice that you do bash the former CPs while trying to be nice at the same time. I always say, you should thank them for the experience and the time others have invested in (y)our country and try to do better. Most people could read between the lines and we are a small community. If you attack others in your article, it will get back to you.

ardishabutaro Day 2,087, 17:37

there is always next election

good job all!

Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 2,088, 01:14

I voted for Squibeel. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

bozimano dorks
bozimano dorks Day 2,088, 05:10


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