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Richard Feist for CP [Manifesto part 1] Domestic and Financial

Day 1,899, 13:12 Published in United Kingdom Germany by Rfeist

Hello again everyone,

First of all I would just like to take the time to thank people for their massive support so far in my campaign, it means a lot to me and a special thanks to UKPP, ESO and more recently One Vision for voting to back me!

This is the first part of my official manifesto that will demonstrate the ideas that I will employ to help the eUK continue to grow and develop. Over the next three days I will be releasing my manifesto in three main parts:
Domestic, Finance
Foreign Affairs

I would like you to think of my campaign as more of a ‘Make Love not War’ idea. And with that in mind lets dive right in!

Domestic and Finance issues

I believe that there has been a large development, some may argue for good or bad has occurred in the eUK over the past few months. below is a statement of intent of what I plan to do to help the eUK come out of these situations as strong as possible and in a position to move forward.

Discussions and communication

There has been a lot of talk among the many parties of eUk about the best way to achieve certain. In some situations some parties have had better ideas than others and vice versa, I am not here to encourage a political divide. Far from it, I believe that this mix of ideas from all sides of the political divide can infact be turned to our advantage. If no one were to oppose an idea that someone came up with then we may never know of particular pros or cons on this idea. I propose not to try and stop this type of debate over points that can often lead to pettiness as there will always be this of some kind no matter what we try to do to stop it. I propose that we instead channel our debate and think more with the phrase in mind of

‘If you find a flaw, instead of throwing mud all over it and trying to destroy it suggest a possible alternative’

I will try to actively encourage discussion as debate at a certain level is healthy. The key is to know when a debate is over. I would like to see the use of all forms of communication within the boundaries of the game to achieve this whether these be in-game via mails, articles or in the feeds to the IRC and even the forums as used properly and with the right supervision can be an effective platform of discussion.

This leads on to looking at the Forums, a ever present issue in the eUK for a long time. Every president seems to have a different idea on how the forums should be used. I propose to put this to a national vote. All citizens will be sent a PM from the Minister of Home Affairs to get their feel on how the forums should be used going forwards. This is the fairest and most democratic way to decide how this and many other issues should be solved. I will also use mass messaging to find the answers to many of the issues available and will use these to gather as much information about what you, the people of the eUK want before implementing programs to respond to your issues.

My government would use all forms of media and communication to make sure that we were able to reach the largest number of citizens in the smallest amount of time possible. The PM feedback and the programmes from this combined with more communication from the government will be the main reform ideas in this area.

Young players

The amount of growth and more importantly retention in the eUk and infact the eWorld has been a huge question at the back of many players minds for a while now. I think that the best way to solve this is with the Admins and players working together on new initiatives to recruit people to the game and retain them. But there are still things that we can do ourselves to help out that new guys. I know within my party and others supplies are given to that that ask and are in need, this is fantastic as it can build a sense of real community. I think this needs to continue and encouraged to grow. I believe that this unfortunately needs to be mainly supported by private citizens and run as a system that way at least in the short term until the government is able to support these citizens and itself financially. Tied to this I believe the clean up in vote buying and articles that damage the eUK and its citizens has been progressing. I would like to see this continue. This would allow articles that are important get read and new members of the eUK can see a more united eUK.


I would like to make the goings on of Congress more accessible for all citizens of the eUK to see. You elected them so why not know what congress is planning to do (within reason, some of it many have to be withheld for secrecy). I would like to encourage Congress to interact with their parties and be responsible for their actions. I want Party Presidents to ensure that they continue the trend of introducing new members to congress as this is a great idea. I think that they should be offering training, shadowing of current congress members and mentoring to allow them to develop as congressmen making wise decisions. MoLA will continue to be the congress link to CP and head of congress. This will mean that I will be choosing someone for this role who is from congress. (I will touch more on this in my cabinet section of my manifesto.


Now this is the big one!

Everyone wants to know what can be done after the costs of multiple wars, MPP’s etc. So below are my solutions to solving the current financial problems of the government of your eUK.

Firstly MPPs. These are mutual protection pacts that we have with other nations that allows them to fight for us without having to move countries and vice versa. These are a huge aspect of being within an alliance and therefore are a very important tool of being within the alliance TWO. I would not have direct control over approving these MPPs as that pleasure rests with Congress. But I would encourage congress to not be hasty to ditch MPPs in the short term to allow us to save money, as the political implications could be damaging to the eUK. I would maintain that yes there are some that can be run down and not renewed but that we maintain to sign those that benefit the eUK in the long term. These would be within TWO, ACT and some CoT.

Following on from MPPs I believe that taxes need looking at. I would like to encourage Congress to heed the advice of the Minister of Finance and pick the Income tax and Import tax that would benefit the eUK the most at the time of discussion. As a member of the UKPP I believe that a 1% income and 99% import tax rate is the best way forward. I will not however let the best intentions of the eUK be lost in this and will always put it first. This means that a change in the economy may warrant a change in these taxes and I will encourage Congress to be adaptable to these changes.

Now there is another important aspect of the Governments funds that used to be invested in the money market. This was no longer a feasible financial option so was withdrawn. I would look to develop more investment opportunities for this capital and hopefully help young players at the same time. I will not rush these decisions and throw money around like its going out of fashion though. If there is no better alternative than keeping the money safe for a rainy day then I will do that.

I will not think short term with our money to try and make an impact in my term to damage the next CPs term.

Following on from this I would like to note the losses to the eUK treasury over the past two months with wars and other such. It is valued at around 600k cc overall. I know this is a lot but I am proposing that we forget about this loss and in a sense of making money and regenerating our capital I would like to start on a clean slate and show what a careful bit of management can do to our finances.

I hope that you enjoyed part 1 of my manifesto and will consider voting for me on the 5th Febuary.

My introduction article can be found here.

Regards Richard Feist


BigAnt Day 1,899, 13:21


helpmeslack Day 1,899, 13:22

600k for 2 months of fun, well worth it

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 1,899, 13:23

Also, Moriarty as Poet Laureate.

FightAndProduce Day 1,899, 13:23

o7. Voted.

FightAndProduce Day 1,899, 13:23

Moriarty as Poet Laureate. x2.

WayneKerr Day 1,899, 14:00

like a boss...

mick cain
mick cain Day 1,899, 14:36

voted rich

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,899, 14:41

Your tax statement doesn't make any sense to me, I think it needs rewording to be clearer. What are you saying you put first - the MoFA's decision or the UKPP party line?

alexg737 Day 1,899, 18:21

600k for 2 months of fun, well worth it x2

Yep conquering the Azores have me something to do on the shitter

Rfeist Day 1,899, 21:05

@Daine Fox- I would like to see the UKPP idea implemented, but at the time if another figure is required to give the eUK the best possible advantage then I am willing to compromise on issues

AdmiralNelson Day 1,900, 00:44

wheres the manafesto about shafting new era? ukpp are getting experts at that

N W G Day 1,900, 03:17

Richard - are you proud of UKPP previous two terms and what lessons do you think has been learnt and what positives can you carry on with

AdmiralNelson Day 1,900, 04:08

you maen losing battles with norway?or havin a cp who has'nt got a clue?or stabbin new era in the back.


Rfeist Day 1,900, 05:16

@NWG- I am proud of the fact that UKPP got a CP candidate full stop. But the fact that the term was a rocky one and has not been judged as a good one does not sit well with me. One positive I have taken is the experience I have had as vCP and the positive I will take on is to try and keep congress engadged as they seem to be so far this term.

I have learned that communication and management are the main areas to improve on

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,900, 09:42

Voted, great manifesto, Richard \o/

Good well reasoned policies, you'll make a fantastic CP.

surferdude Day 1,900, 22:38

Remember, this is just a game

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