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Rewards for the new missions [UPDATEx4]

Day 1,455, 04:18 Published in Poland Hungary by Swoosh.

the new missions that has to be completed have the following rewards:

[Yor cuntry] needs help!
4 gold
4 XP

It's time for a daily reward
xp 18
str 18

Become a brave soldier
bazooka 4
energy bar 4

It's time to get a medal
4 gold
4 XP

Big battle time
str 44
rank 4444

Train more, get stronger
str 16

Final Assault, Let's fight
str 24
bazooka 4



xongorx Day 1,455, 04:21

megelőztél, de leelsőzlek : )

Al PuniSheR
Al PuniSheR Day 1,455, 04:24

i got the HW medal today, but before the mission was active, uuughhh

JLaci91 Day 1,455, 04:40

@Pawel Zuk : im in the same shoes 😃

Nawoj Day 1,455, 05:20

I got it 2 days ago ;/

maciej100 Day 1,455, 07:23


Dunapataj Day 1,455, 08:47

Finomak xdd
Friss vér a Magyarországnak , friss gold sok polgárának!
és mivel a cikk internesönel

Fresh blood for Hungary, fresh GOLD for a lot of citizen!

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