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Reviewing Sixty Days of WHPR

Day 1,551, 10:47 Published in USA USA by George Armstrong Custer
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When the lights go down and the stage is quiet, the Old Man is still there, thinking about the next edition of the WHPR.

Dateline: Saturday February 18, 2012 (Day 1,551)
Location: White House Press Room
Reporter: George Armstrong "Old Man" Custer

Sixty Days of WHPR

Here's a list of every WHPR published since my first submitted work on Dec 19th.
I wrote some myself, others contained contributed segments, still others were completely other people's work. Credits are given in the commentaries after the linked article titles. I handled most as Editor, whether the bulk of the work was my own or that of others.
Key: ● = I made the top pic; ○ = I didn't make the top pic

WHPR Day 1490 - Dawn of a New Era: Turkey leaves ONE for EDEN.
[WHPR] Grab Bags - Win a Q5 House, Cash, & new Q6 Tanks: Day 1491, Kara Beth's Grab Bags.
[WHPR] Cuddly Pink Hugs, and Ponies!: Day 1492, Kooguy interviews the Sec'y of Interior.
WHPR Day 1494 - The eUS Civilian Military Group: All about the US Civ MU.
[WHPR] The Best Redcoat, is a Deadcoat: Day 1495; Israel Stevens on the UK wipe out.

WHPR Day 1499 - Secretary of State's Report on Europe: Interview with SecState in map captions.
[WHPR] Invasion!!: Day 1501; Serbia attacks Maryland, by Cody Caine.
WHPR Day 1504 - Commemorating 1000 Days: Pfeiffer wrote this history of the WHPR.

WHPR Day 1505 - Freedom is Spelled "T-E-R-R-A": Oblige wrote this as TERRA wiped Poland.
WHPR Day 1506 - President Oblige: Blatant election eve electioneering; huge shitstorm, my bad.

[WHPR] Victory Through Unity, Unity Through Oblige: Day 1508, Israel Stevens does damage control.
WHPR Day 1511 - Dinner and a Show: Athanaric re-joins the Press Corps.
WHPR Day 1513 - Treason Trial and War Maps: "Mob Declares Spooner Guilty in Kangaroo Court...!"
WHPR Day 1515 - Cabinet and Department Updates: Kooguy interviews eight Department heads!

WHPR Day 1518 - 100/100, and Oblige's Secret: Juan Ladino, Kemal Ergenekon and Evry contribute.
WHPR Day 1520 - Get Ready to Whip It Out!: Segments by Kara Beth, Athanaric, Kooguy and myself

WHPR 1522 - Grab Your Bags, America!: Kara Beth's Grab Bag text, plus White House News.
WHPR 1524 - Special Sunday Edition: Kara Beth's Grab Bag results, Michael Roberts Richard interviews the President.

WHPR 1525 - Op-Ed: Election Ethics: About vote buying/selling; five interviews.
WHPR Day 1527 - Bullets, Then Ballots: RW Galacia back to Spain to deprive Ajay of a Congressional seat.

The Good, The Bad, and The Oblige: Day 1529; U.K. and Serbia, with Cromstar and Serendipitous
WHPR - A New American Hero:: Day 1529; Israel Stevens praises Uhriventis for getting Ajay banned.
WHPR Day 1531 - Sunday Special: President Oblige's first "fireside chat," and an interview.

WHPR 1532 - General News & Information: Econ module changes, and Ajay returns as a new character.
WHPR 1533 - Econ Module Explained: Knowledge is Power, by Guest Writer Gnilraps.

WHPR 1534 - Announcements and News Another Grab Bag event is coming, as is the POTUS debate on eNPR.
WHPR 1536 - GUN DRIVE: Israel Stevens on the Gun Drive, Gnilraps on the Econ module change.

WHPR 1537 - President's Weekend Address: pre-election fireside chat, and Gun Drive results.
WHPR 1539 - Post Election Roundup: February Cabinet, Medal of Honor is proposed.

WHPR 1541 - SF Command Change and Econ Help: SF Commander TTi09 Retires, Shadowukcs' Econ help.
WHPR 1543 - Three Top Stories, No Fluff: Operation Asian Dream, EPIC Alliance, Six-star impersonator.

WHPR 1545 - President's Weekend Address: Fireside chat addresses failed Operation Asian Dream.
WHPR 1546 - Guest Econ Writer, and Bulgaria-Turkey: Robert Renolds on the Economy; Bulgaria-Turkey rift.

WHPR 1548 - State Department; Spain; Chickens: Ambassador Program; Op-Ed on Spain
WHPR 1549 - Special Tech Report: eRep game outages probably caused by DDoS attacks.

WHPR 1550 - Vice President; Poultry Update: Interview with VP Leroy Combs; Levif92 on Spain
WHPR 1552 - President's Weekend Address: TBA on Sunday Feb 19

Besides making cool top pics and playing editor and doing some writing...
I instituted a format and created new graphics, to bring about a consistent image and feel to the paper. The most prominent component of the new standard is the top pic, utilizing the same Press Room podium with different people inserted into the picture, in some way relevant to the content of that day's article.

Each edition contains, as standard equipment so to speak, a quote from the President, a block for the Oval Office Radio show, and sets of links to other government newspapers as well as to the major military and militia groups. The whole thing is framed by standardized top and bottom bylines, adding to the familiarity and comfort of the daily readers.

Another important valuable asset is the Shout, which appears at the end of every article and is picked up by many readers throughout the day. I started tracking subscriptions on my first day; there were 1646 on Day 1490, and on day 1550 we had 1812, a net gain of 166 new subs to date.

A consistent theme of unity and progress has been set and vigorously maintained. Above all, the standard of journalism is as professional as the presentation is clean, because the WHPR is representing the White House and the Office of the President to the American people.

The WHPR currently carries the distinctive look and feel I've developed and imposed upon it. As personnel changes in both Administration and Department leadership, it will certainly evolve to reflect the mindset and agenda of its new Editors and writers.

These past couple months have been the most challenging, and most fun I've had in the nearly three years I've played this silly game. I hope what I've brought to your official White House newspaper has been good, and to your satisfaction.

George Armstrong "Crazy Old Man" Custer

Reviewing 60 Days on the Job
WHPR 1490 to 1550



George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,551, 10:48

When the lights go down and the stage is quiet, the Old Man is still there, thinking about the next edition of the WHPR.

I hope what I've brought to your official White House newspaper has been good, and to your satisfaction.

Si.roe Day 1,551, 10:51

you are doing an excellent job!

Oblige Day 1,551, 10:56


sonix Day 1,551, 11:00

great article

BeDva Day 1,551, 11:02

great job, keep it up \o/

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,551, 11:04


IT3Rocky Day 1,551, 11:10


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,551, 11:11

Custer for General!

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 1,551, 11:11

Remember kids, GAC IS WHACK!

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,551, 11:34

60 days of awesome

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,551, 11:49

The pictures are each creative and make the articles fun and interesting to check out. Good attention grabber.

Vanek26 Day 1,551, 12:28

I don't get why Oblige won't make you SoM like he should.

Fitisin Day 1,551, 13:03

Well done Custer!

weasel2 Day 1,551, 13:07

Awesome 60 x 2

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,551, 13:09

u r awesum

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 1,551, 14:15

Cussin Creative Custer!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,551, 14:38

I read this because I know it's quality now that Custer is working it. Seriously.

Tenshibo Day 1,551, 14:44

Keep up the good work mate.

RsAD Day 1,551, 14:49

Wow...just wow

Rick von Ruger
Rick von Ruger Day 1,551, 15:53

I read this because I know it's quality now that Custer is working it. Seriously. x2

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,551, 18:02


Custer4CP 🙂

blackca in Myu Heaven
blackca in Myu Heaven Day 1,551, 18:13

voted, funny

Animis Day 1,551, 18:30

All the News that's fit to pint, AND Print to FIT!

Custer is a Newspaper GOW!


BlasterXL Day 1,551, 18:44


voted of course xD

am surprised you don't have an MM yet ..... 🙂

playa566 Day 1,551, 18:51

Voted !!!

FRITZHILL Day 1,551, 18:52


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,551, 19:09

BlasterXL... most of my best work, certainly my most consistent, has been for the old Army Times and now for the WHPR. I never have gone for the "boobs and kittens" or the huge "VOTE & SUBSCRIBE" graphics, and absolutely abhor any sort of MM scheme or "vote & sub for prizes" nonsense.
the spoilers will probably cause eRep to remove the MM medal long before I earn 1000 subscribers the old fashioned way.

Lord Krauser
Lord Krauser Day 1,551, 20:13

Greatest White House Writer Ever!

Rican Day 1,551, 21:59

your creative energy amazes me!
love you man.

GoddessOfDesire Day 1,551, 22:07


faucoult Day 1,551, 22:13

Comment deleted

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Day 1,551, 22:22

Custer is the greatest writer we have.

Synesi Day 1,551, 22:26

Good stuff

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Day 1,551, 22:36

One of the best writers we have in erep!

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,552, 23:16

somebody get this man a MMM

LeesLotus Day 1,552, 00:34

Job well done

ollizu Day 1,552, 01:29

Good article o7

Thedillpickl Day 1,552, 07:56

Old farts are useful people! xD
~pickle smiles~

Thedillpickl Day 1,552, 07:57

btw, remembering when that was "new" music.

TTi09 Day 1,552, 12:50

Custer is awesome

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,552, 14:27

60 Days of Greatness!!!

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