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Resistance Report 2

Day 1,867, 14:13 Published in Netherlands Poland by Gwom
(English version below)

Hoi eNederland, hier is mijn tweede artikel in de serie "Resistance Reports". In deze serie vermeldt ik hoe de oorlog verloopt tegen het ePoolse rijk. En hoe wij eNederlanders ons verzetten tegen onze onderdrukkers:

Eerst het slechte nieuws:
-De Resistance wars in eFrankrijk, eDuitsland, eTsjechie en natuurlijk eNederland hebben geen effect gehad, deze landen worden nogsteeds onderdrukt door de ePolen.

En daarna het goede:
-De polen hebben terein verloren op het oostfront in Oekraine, ze bezitten daar nu nog maar 2 regios.
-Wij hebben hulp gekregen van onze grote vrienden: De Ieren!:

English version
Hello eNetherlands, this is my second article in the series: "Resistance Reports". In this series I report how the war against the ePolish empire goes. And how we eDutchman try to resist our suppressors.

First the bad news:
-The resistance wars in eFrance, eGermany, eCzech Republic and of course eNetherlands haven't got any result. These countries are still suppressed by the ePolish

And than the good news:

-The ePolish lost ground on the east front in Ukraine, they only have 2 regions there.
-We got help from out big friends: The Irish!:

Thanks for reading,


Shtula Day 1,867, 14:17


Nakbula Day 1,867, 14:20

Ireland o7

Huy van der Ham
Huy van der Ham Day 1,867, 16:18

I don't think so. I think that with good politic we can beat 1 region for us 😃

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,867, 16:29

Voted, o7

Gepard007 Day 1,867, 16:37

Voted! o7

Huy van der Ham
Huy van der Ham Day 1,867, 19:11

We should take an Independence for us in dyplomatic way from ePoles, not looking for fight.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,867, 19:36

Poland broke our NAP itself, greedy polaks wanting gold, from BH, CH, TP.
The pink doesn't want to give us a single region back, we are a danger to them, they need our oil.They don't want to pay any rent for the 2 regions needed. The're just bastards. 🙁
a simple fact of this game, regarding the eNetherlands. Read on forum, that's a goldmine of information!

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