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Resignation from the eNL government & becoming DIAS Director of Intelligence

Day 2,196, 05:51 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Flando

Dutchmen, at first, congratulations to all of us for reclaiming our homeland!

I am a member of this government, tasked with creating DIAS.
"Head of Dutch Intelligence & Ambassador Services; Arcanic Mindje / Flando"

Now that congress accepted the DIAS law, and also appointed me as Director of Intelligence, the DIAS law tells me I have to resign from the government.

I thank MaartenW for adding me to his government.
And I thank the whole government for helping and trusting me in making DIAS happen.

I hereby resign from my government position and ask the moderators and admins to remove me from the government group on our forum.

But! I am now the 1st DIAS Director of Intelligence!
This is not a position that is elected monthly, but a long-term task. I promise to do my very best to help the eNL from this position.

Expect the first DIAS messages soon! I'll explain everything about our unique organisation!

Ps. The other position in the DIAS Management is still open! You can candidate for Director of Embassies! For more information:


Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,196, 12:44

Get me juicy infos!

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