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Reorganization -Military Unit-

Day 2,004, 14:38 Published in Cyprus Greece by Car Dragutin

Please lets make list of the most skilled's Cypricots ,and we can start creating one special Unity ,to back our country.Put ur name in comentar to i can add you on list.Im giving 20 gold for creating military unit.



Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 2,005, 12:08

give me 20 golds and i'll create CNG 🙂

Car Dragutin
Car Dragutin Day 2,005, 12:26


ElRoi Day 2,005, 12:32

You better keep your gold for your personal progress and growing up. It's a game and in games almost all want to be leaders, so real unity is unattainable.

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 2,005, 14:38

almost only , luckily some still don't care at all about their ego 😉

Car Dragutin
Car Dragutin Day 2,005, 13:43

Ill see im looking for confidient person . 🙂

mahmut the magnificent
mahmut the magnificent Day 2,006, 10:17

adam promise demiş ya 😃

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