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Removal of PTO power in congress

Day 1,977, 17:57 Published in USA USA by Thern alpha

So to highlight a problem that is widely known and commonly talked about. And that is the ability of a political party to use its congress people to either vote up issues/bills/impeachment's and allow ppl in from other nations either with no regard of the effect it has in the current govt. or with the intent of causing as much govt dysfunction as possible.

Now I can understand that is very unreasonable and unfair to strip an opposition party of all power and to make it so that whoever currently runs the govt has an unchallenged playing field in terms of domestic policy. But there should be a way to allow in-game reform of the system to marginalize such power to as great an extent as the majority in congress will let it.

An example would be, let’s say a vote by the USWP to remove most of the voting power that the AFA has in order for the proposal to pass u would need let’s say a simple majority to do a base line removal of powers that AFA congressperson have. But in order to further decrease the power a congressperson in the AFA would have it takes a larger percentage of the total votes in congress to do so. The next step in removal of powers would take 60% and then 75% and so on.

This would prevent abuse of the power; since the chances of a congress that was made of 70 or 80% of a ruling coalition of several parties or even on giant party is not too likely in my opinion.

Now this is a rough idea that popped into my head, and it needs more work put in it in order to work out its kinks. But I want your guys ideas on whether this is good idea or not.




Cubby Day 1,977, 18:14

Too bad there is no ingame control of features such as these.

Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 1,977, 18:18

thats what i thought when this idea came to me

Cubby Day 1,977, 18:38

If you get Plato to respond to you with anything but a form letter, you win the game.

Norbengo Day 1,977, 19:02

Hail AFA
Hail Freedom

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,977, 23:44


Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Day 1,978, 01:02

Hail AFA
Hail Freedom

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