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Rejoice and Celebrate! Aldous the Meek Day!

Day 1,814, 18:43 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero
Aldous the Meek Day

Mark your calendars! NOVEMBER 18TH will be a day of celebration and remembrance. The eBelgian Congress recently passed eBelgium's first National Holiday in honour of Aldous Zamiatin. Aldous the Meek Day pays homage to one of eBelgium's most beloved figures. Aldous the Meek, as he became to be known as by his followers (Beerists), was as generous and well-natured as they come. He helped out new citizens and was highly influential when it came to almost all other matters. Aldous is no longer with us. When he left, he gave all of his personal belongings away to those who needed them, along with a rumored hefty donation to the eBelgian state.

Awaiting his prophetic return...


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Mike Wooldridge
Mike Wooldridge Day 1,815, 03:37

Praise be to Aldous the Meek , Zamiatinism , and fellow Beerist's!

tommot Day 1,815, 09:22

No need to mark it for me, It's my birthday... WHOOOHOOOOO.

Hey mike, i haven't heard a lot from you for some time. : )

Ely.nea Day 1,815, 11:19

beer ! beer !

Dendraad Day 1,816, 14:07

so does that mean we don't have to go to work ?

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