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Regarding eUkraine

Day 1,843, 01:05 Published in Romania Romania by Naufragiatu
Pentru traducerea in limba romana astept voluntari, mi-este mult peste mana acum sa ma ocup si de asta. Am ales sa scriu in limba engleza intrucat voi trata o tema ce intereseaza nu doar romanii.

Hello ladies and germs,

This article has been due for quite some time now, however believing such matters are to be dealt with in the right places at the right time, I chose to refrain myself. Until now. If our counterparts see fit to post in the press logs from EDEN summits and also manipulate them to try and find some sort of advantage, I feel it is only in our right to be able to reply accordingly to any allegations.

You will see me replying to articles such as this official statement, this press conference (of which I took the liberty to use google translate for) and this untitled document which appears in the aforementioned press conference, all hosted by the eUkrainian official newspaper.

Although we never had the strongest feelings for each other (like eRomania has for eCroatia or eUkraine for eTurkey for example), we’ve managed for a long time to keep decent and friendly relations with each other, since eUkraine joined EDEN. Unfortunately despite the efforts done by people like mihail cazacu (one of the biggest supporters for a eUkraine, EDEN full member) or oboj and blackpanther76 ( eRomanian supertanks who tanked for months to eliberate eUkraine from foreign occupants) to pave the road for great relations between our two countries, our friendship did not live up to its full potential. To the contrary, trust was lost, relations faded.

What happened? Continuos back-door dealings and agreements with eHungary, even when we would both be having direct wars against them, with ePoland (never thought I’d be fighting for eUkraine in Subcarpathia RW and see eukrainian soldiers fighting for ePoland, alas it happened). However, we got used to this sort of treatment for the sake of the Brotherhood.

But then, you got bored and despite our warnings not to pursue a war with our RL brothers, eRepublic of Moldavia, you pushed forward and had the audacity to call us “gypsies” and Moldavians “tilers” in your official papers for defending.

Yes, I am aware of the fact that there was, at first, an agreement, as we all are. What does not everybody know is that in spite of your demands and ultimatums at that time, you did not hold the higher ground.

Why am I saying this? Simple. At that time, Obersoldat, current eCroatian CP (at the time of writing), made an independent investigation regarding this matter. Not so long ago, I took the liberty to ask Ober to refresh my memory a bit and here is what he told me:

[20:16] <naufragiatu> so, I would like to ask you a few things
[20:17] <naufragiatu> mostly related to ro-ukr relations
[20:17] <Obersoldat> tell me
[20:17] <naufragiatu> which are not the best as everyone knows
[20:17] <Obersoldat> i know
[20:17] <naufragiatu> and which deteriorated badly after the ukr-rep. md conflict
[20:18] <naufragiatu> I remember back then you were Croatia's MoFA and made an investigation on the matter
[20:18] <naufragiatu> we even talked about it back then
[20:18] <naufragiatu> a bit 🙂
[20:18] <Obersoldat> i remember 🙂
[20:21] <naufragiatu> ok, can you tell me in a few words what was the conclusion back then? just to make sure
[20:22] <Obersoldat> ukraine broke the deal by not sending peace when they had initiative,and gave weapon supplies on mercenaries which was also breaking of the deal
[20:23] <naufragiatu> ok, thank you
[20:24] <naufragiatu> do I have your approval to show this response in an official statement in case the subject is brought up?
[20:24] <Obersoldat> yes
[20:24] <naufragiatu> great
[20:24] <Obersoldat> it was a report to EDEN countries back then
[20:24] <Obersoldat> so I stand behind every word I wrote

In the meantime, I have also managed to find the said report. Feel free to read it here. As well as Obersoldat in his report, eRomania feels like this was a turning point for eRepublic of Moldavia and such bad treatment turned them to their actual CoT alignment, something that does not sit well with our stomachs until this day.

Quite a big intro, eh? Here’s a pair of perky boobs for you loyal readers.

Now, getting to more recent events, we have this official statement from Day 1826 of The New World. Here we have bits of conversation given to the general public. No worries, the full logs are safe.

Let’s see what eUkrainian MoFA understands by “assurances about the safety of Romanian borders despite our enemies hostile provocations”:
[22:04] <Kromov[UKR]> You know, that Ukraine are doing all to normalize our relationships and return to the friendship. We say No tu huns, who propose us regions for NE Romania.
[22:06] <nauf[RO]> That should go without saying, while we're both still in EDEN

In my book not NEing a fellow EDEN member country really does go without saying and is not something eRomania should be thankful for or see it as a good gesture. However, as I stated in the summit, make the deal with eHungary and feel free to NE eRomania, dear eUkraine, if that is what you want to do.

And yes, I will stand by my words, I truly believe “ an MPP should be the result of the actions we would take to normalise our relationships, not the prerequisite for our issue”. However I don’t know what to say about how soon that would happen as long as by normalizing relationship you feel not proposing eRomania as NE at huns’ request is actually a step forward.

This MPP law felt nothing like a first step, but more like trying to force eRomania’s hand in a delicate matter, without heeding any of the words from our private conversation.

Now moving on to the other article and more impoartantly to the untitled document posted in the eUkrainian official newspaper as mentioned earlier.

“About Respect. In our last summit (28/11) we saw that Romania consideres itself superior to all other countries-members.
21:36 naufragiatu[R] as I find it disrespectful towards Romania a founding member of EDEN”

eRomania will not be ashamed of it’s statute as a founding member, we will always be proud about taking part in the construction of a true Brotherhood, no matter what EDEN may end up to be after years and years of existance.

Anyone curious what was I finding “disrespectful towards Romania a founding member of EDEN”? It’s about ”the issue of signing the treaty was not addressed for months”. I’m not even going to bother to talk about whether it is valid or not as long as not all member countries signature is there or how can someone talk about not abiding by a treaty which has not been signed. Still don’t know what I am talking about? I am talking of course about the Treaty of the Brotherhood of EDEN. I urge you to fiind the eRomanian signature. And yes, I still find it disrespectful towards eRomania that this „glitch” has not been addressed by the proper EDEN authorities and rectified.

Our loyalty is being questioned. I find this particularly funny. We’ve been fighting for years the same wars (alongside eCroatia) and kept one way or the other eHungary/eSerbia in their cores, most of the time. These wars became boring(both for eRO and our allies), drained EDEN countries of their resources, split damage from other countries’ battles. We’ve stopped them. We had a little adventure in Asia and now we’re back in our cores.

Now we have stopped any offensive campaigns and canceled any plans, due to lack of ability to fund them. Now we have no battle of our own, we fight for our allies. Lately we have been fightingt for eArgie against eChile, for eGreece against whatever opponent, for eTurkey in their brief skirmish with eHungary, for eRoC against eBrazil, moved our armies and helped liberate Portugal for congress, tried but failed liberating Netherlands for congress, helped eAlbania for their 100 year celebration and yet we are questioned.

Maybe more it is expected from us. Unfortunately we have not been blessed with a better geopolitical situation so we could have had any farming sprees without wars, instead we come after continuos wars, thus can’t put up a huge show of force all the time. Nevertheless we do our best and help our friends to the best of our abilities. If EDEN feels like our best isn’t good enough anymore, just say so and we will know where we stand.

In the end we are being lectured by someone who seems to care more about his own image: [21:52] <Kromov[UKR]uaporsche> I demand a summit about the violations made by romanian gov acording the Treaty. I will not be the laughing stock of the Ukrainian opposition and the rest of eden any more time.

We are being accused of lacking loyalty, unity, friendship and sacrifice by someone who managed to put a brick in the demise of TERRA and tamper directly EDEN-TERRA relations by passing a NE on eRussia because they were bored ( ) a while ago, by someone who is not acustomed to setting EDEN prios as their country prios ([22:58] <&Nenya> having anything else in ukraine orders last six months besides your own rw's was a miracle ).

You pushed lately for an MPP, without heeding any of our words, without caring for the consequences that would affect our common friends and allies, tried to turn it into a „it’s us or eRo” situation. In more than one summit I asked the parties present who is willing to take the responsibilty of losing considerable romanian damage from the priority battles (set by EDEN’s military team) if I forced to pass the said MPP. No answer. Therefor eRomania will not apologise for avoiding an internal strife which would harm herself and EDEN, leading to dividing the community too just because one person does not want to „be the laughing stock of the Ukrainian opposition”.

Make no mistake, we will not answer to threats, to unmerithed demands nor will we take them lightly, no matter where they come from. Treat us in a fairly manner and we shall respond accordingly.

Thank you for your time,

P.S.: I thought I should insert another boob picture for all your efforts to read and comprehend this


Cronoss Day 1,843, 01:09

Nice boobs!

PMihai Day 1,843, 01:10

ultima : X

titillica Day 1,843, 01:20

Ultima cu siguranta. "we will not take them lightly" x2

TheYakuzini Day 1,843, 01:21

Imi place,foarte bun articol

alzena Day 1,843, 01:21

well, you know you have female audience too, so next time I have more expectation from you, not that I don't like boobs : D

catajme Day 1,843, 01:25

Abia astept sa ii stergem pe ucraineni. Sunt o natie de .... Nu uitati cum s-au comportat la ultimul Campionat European cu turistii

buru Day 1,843, 01:31

uuuuuuu...Boobies 😃

CornelB Day 1,843, 01:31

After the eMD fiasco trying to create a eRO fiasco ...

Not nice eUKR, not nice.

"Treat us in a fairly manner and we shall respond accordingly." xX

MOAR b00bs plox ...

Didei Day 1,843, 01:31


alyn888 Day 1,843, 01:38

were waiting the NE 🙂

Darkslowstar Day 1,843, 01:38

apologizes wont be enough to pass a MPP trough the Romanian Congress. remember that the CP has only 1 vote and that a great majority of the congressman dont support a new MPP with Ukraine for the simple fact that they pushed our brothers into CoT hands. Insults count also, but that offense can be cured with an official apologizes. for the primary offense I see no cure.
Ukraine out of EDEN!

soaresol Day 1,843, 01:39

scroll, scroll, scroll, boobies !!!, scroll, scroll...

citizen MD
citizen MD Day 1,843, 01:46

mai bine mai târziu decât niciodată

Ro.Spartacus Day 1,843, 01:47

prea mult de citit:)))
prea putine poze de vazut:D

imamradyk Day 1,843, 01:50

Nice boobs!

CP of Ukraine

uaporsche Day 1,843, 01:53

your problem now is not this info. your problem now is the new Ukr CP.

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 01:55

Sa vedeti cand o sa vina sanctiunile de la EDEN.
Nu e frumos sa mintiti poporu' cu jumatate de poveste.

Lumea stie ca i-ati calcat pe coada pe mai-marii EDEN ???

Razboinicii luminilor.. sa vedem cum iesiti din rahat. Mai ales tu naufragiatule.. te infoi ca un cocosel cu bilutze.

Eu inteleg ca situatia Rep. Moldova e delicata, dar totusi, poate gaseam alt fel sa ii scoateti pe Ukraina din EDEN. Deja Ne-a ramas doar Rep. Moldova. Va ganditi la asta? Sau vreti sa fim presul europei?

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 01:58

Uite te in...jur !!
Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine. All enemies ? Is that where we're heading? Or is there some Plan B ?

Just bring Moldova into EDEN. and everyone take a chill pill.

ionutzd Day 1,843, 01:59

uite si eu te injur cheliuta... daca tu n-ai balls, nu inseamna ca toti romanii sunt fara... Am uitat, tu esti american de la caracal

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 02:03

Mai pe intelesul tuturor...

Pe Serbia nu ii batem nici in cel mai umed vis
Pe Ungaria nu ii mai batem de vreo 4 luni, cand era sa o luam pe coaja
Pe Bulgaria s-a vazut clar ca ne tin la respect daca vor, si ne e frica de ei.
De atacat Moldova nu putem, sau nu vrem

Ne ramane sa se ratzoiasca naufragaitu la Ukraina, singurul aliat din sunt mai slabi

asta inseamna "balls" ?

am uitat, ionutzd, tu ai pierdut pozitia din Asia, si milioanele eRomaniei

oboj Day 1,843, 02:04

good article bro

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 02:05

ionutzd tu esti artizanul dezastrului bai turkish delight cu ochi.
daca nu erai tu, acum eram prin Asia cu bonusuri... ia uite la Croatia.. ce bine s-au instalat.
dar tu erai ocupat cu Takeovers si cu clonele tale

ion-voda Day 1,843, 02:07

sa fi pregatit daca ajungi la guvernare, sa arati cum se face treaba bine;
now EDEN ppl understands better how eUkr behaved all this time.

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 02:10

in alta ordine de idei, de ce acum, dupa ce a pierdut fraiele (tinute de cel putin 6 luni) naufragaitu apare cu articole din-astea inflamatoare ???

de ce nu se discuta asemenea subiecte cu Congresul? sau doar se incearca instigare ?

CHANGEIT Day 1,843, 02:13

I do not belive UKR out of eden is the solution. Anyone can made mistakes, romania did -
If ukr admit they was wrong and firmly make a statement about they will not make again the same mistake why not to sign the MPP?
We have a long history together and fight well againt our ONE enemies, i hope the RO congress will be wise and do not let the pride to dictate..
Md wish to make their own destiny and waited a long time to be accepted in EDEN, this not happened and this was not UKR fault,

catajme Day 1,843, 02:18

E prima oara cand ma bag in niste discutii contradictorii, dar nu pot sa nu remarc cat de toxic e acest zmeuNY. De mai bine de jumatate de an il vad raspandind numai venin pe toate canalele si articolele. Partea proasta e ca se pare ca nu vorbeste doar de unul singur ca un nebun, ci mai sunt si unii care sunt influentati de el. Sper ca la un moment dat sa ajungem sa tragem cu totzii la aceeasi caruta care se numeste eRomania. Pana atunci va doresc tuturor succes si have fun!

8-3=1 Day 1,843, 02:30

se intampla si la ei ce se intampla si la noi, schimb de generatii

jucatorii vechi care sunt pro-romani nu se mai implica asa de mult, in schimb au avut un baby-boom de noi jucatori care sunt in majoritate pro-rusi sau pro-polonezi

elAngelo Day 1,843, 02:32

Nice boobs:))

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 02:36


zmeuNY vrea repopularea eRomaniei. Sa oferim oportunitati celor noi. Sa iesim din letargie si din frica. Atata tot. Nu alung pe nimeni...dar trebuie fresh blood. Chiar nu vedeti ca merge numai in jos ????? Restul de tari au facut baby boom.. s-au dezvoltat..

La noi exista o haita de jucatori vechi care vor numai si numai ei, si promoveaza numai pe cei care ii ling in locuri umbrite sau le lucreaza in firme. De-aia iti pleaca lumea, de-aia se scarbesc cu totii.

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 02:39

ce fac eu nu e nici o intoxicare

este doar un "ghiont" dat celor care s-au instalat bine, au bani, firme... si nu le mai pasa decat sa racoleze workers si bani din taxe. Este o chemare a jucatorilor noi care sunt folositi, descurajati, si dezavantajati de catre cei vechi.

Cand cresc mare, nu vreau sa fiu ca ei. Vreau sa fiu ca mine
Sa ajut pe cei mici, nu sa ii exploatez !!!

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 02:50

Unde sunt Comandantii ???

Respect Nemesis care are grija de membri
Respect Templierii, Romania Unita, Angry Birds care isi cresc jucatorii de mici

Disrespect tuturor Comandantilor SMR care isi lasa porcusorii la ingrasat in GN, ii folosesc la firme, iar ei stau la bonus 100%, dau full train, si sunt dezinteresati ! Toate astea folosindu-se numai ei de banii BNR, din taxele platite de noi toti

CHANGEIT Day 1,843, 02:50


Dar subiectul este altul, nu divaga zmeule, mai vrea lumea sa discute si despre altceva decat despre mizeria politicii din eRO.
Sa stii "ca cam" asa e si in RL cu politica, gasti conduc tara si se rotesc si nu mai poate face nimeni nimic.
Solutia este o schimbare a mentalitatii jucatorului de rand dar asta se face in timp.

Hai ca am luat-o si eu pe aratura, sorry 🙂

Deci ...

zmeuNY Day 1,843, 03:15

Nu traiesc in RL Romania. Nu cunosc situatia. Dar m-as lupta pentru romanii mei, sa le deschid mintea, sa nu stea de fraieri. Eram prea copil la revolutie, dar totusi nu inteleg cum Romanii au stat atatia ani sa fie exploatati de comunisti.

eRomania a ajuns la situatia conflictelor cu Ukraina din cauza delasarii si incompetentei, coroborata cu exploatarea sistematica, descurajanta, a jucatorilor noi. Daca eram acum prin Asia, ne-ar fi durut unde nu bate soarele de ei !

FreeEnough Day 1,843, 03:15

SI cand va ziceam asta cu 6 luni in urma?
Si sa nu-i credeti oaie inocenta pe ucraineni. Ei au propus sa va atace daca sunt eliberati.
Si da ai dreptate. Din cauza lor suntem in CoT (sau datorita lor, dar asta e alta dezbatere). Nu mai tineti minte ca suntem pentru ei doar niste tigani?
Trebuia sa ii stergeti atunci, mana la mana cu ungurii, pentru ca, sincer, mai bine sa ai un dusman demn decat un aliat de doi bani.

Kelstein Day 1,843, 03:23

"mai bine sa ai un dusman demn decat un aliat de doi bani." frumos spus

Gooffree Day 1,843, 03:28

Quite an informative article.
Nice girls too :oP !

Gooffree Day 1,843, 03:55

Regarding our relationship with Ukraine, all for the better! I don't know their diplomats, but they think they're doing their best for their country, and we can't blame them for that, as so should we.
But, they can't ask from us trust when they offer none.

amorroxic Day 1,843, 03:58

excellent wording. o7.

Iuliusv Day 1,843, 04:06

sa fie dezgropata securea razboiului

barbuRO Day 1,843, 04:27

Fail ukaraina!!!
Hail Romania!!!

Dianutza Day 1,843, 04:31

Catajme, Nu baga in seama ce spune Zmeul . Cel mai bine e sa nu-l bagi in seama. Daca il lasi sa latre singur la luna si nu-l baga in seama nimeni o sa se plicitseasca si o sa ne lase in pace.

Oplot Kharkiv
Oplot Kharkiv Day 1,843, 04:34

With friends like you, we are not needed enemies.

boloovan Day 1,843, 04:49

cu atiti "strategi",murim de foame

rdbl Day 1,843, 04:54

mama mama 2 perechi de boobs 😁 nu am citit articolul, doar m-am holbat 5 min la poze 😁

Argessos Day 1,843, 04:56

rdbl: si tu?


alpho Day 1,843, 05:28

Irregardless, a whole another, all of the sudden

loordsteaua Day 1,843, 05:29

bla bla bla POZELE SUNT SUPERBE.( este numele celei de-a doua domnisoare.. poate a facut si ceva filme 🙂(de actiune bineinteles nu va ganditi la prostii)

Wildrunner Day 1,843, 05:30

what is going on romania? problems in the turko-greek paradise?

Fedor DSD
Fedor DSD Day 1,843, 05:31

vot pentru wall text, pozele-s nashpa : P

fedora dlc
fedora dlc Day 1,843, 05:36


p.s. tz-oi da eu 2 poze dupa cap, fedor 😛

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