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Red Squad Bio #3- Biography

Day 1,801, 18:54 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by naxhi26

1. Basic Info
2. Communism, Idea Behind RS
3. Biography
4. RS Today

Yea sorry bout the wait folks, school and stuff kept this one for a bit.

So so-far we have learned about how this party works, and the ideas behind it, but how did this come about? When was this party created? Who founded it? How Long has it been around? Well let me tell you about our History today.

It all begins in May 2011. As some of you old yinzers may remember, May of 2011 was a big month for NZ, it was when we fought our first major war. The Argentinian-New Zealand war was at its peak. When Chile occupied Canterbury, it wanted to spread its political ideas to our Island, so it created the Party known as the Partido Socialista de Chile (Socialist Party of Chile, in spanish). The Party brought Chilean Socialist Ideas to the region, even though it was around for a year already. But this didn't last for long. Inside the party was a man by the name of Zoomanager. When the Partido Socialista de Chile decided to remain in NZ after the war, Zoomanager took his advantage. In the May elections, Zoomanager won out and replaced the party with the Red Block. This name however didnt sound right so it eventually was renamed Red Squad. Now the communist idea was rooted, and Zoomanager printed an article based on a Marx book called the Commies are Here Manifesto. It competed for 5th spot with Taranki Tribe (I remember them, my old guy naxhi24 was its last president in June 2011), then when the TT dissolved, it competed with the National Front New Zealand led by Balkan Beast. The NFNZ however didnt play nice with communist, later that year it tried to dissolve Red Squad in Operation Red Dawn, it failed however. Sadly the RS was 6th by the end of the year. Zoomanager continued his Presidency, and the RS fielded a candidate ever month. Zoomanager stepped down for a bit when PP Fromic took charge, then Fromic resigned and Zoo was back. Now the party has slipped to 6th in the overall Party rank. Now under the rule of Spartac, the RS is continuing to field new recruits to regain its lost glory. Ill explain more in the next article.

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Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,802, 18:36

A communist party would be fun! I made a Socialist party that everyone called Communist in eIndia way back when 😛

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