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Recruitment and Gold Stats

Day 1,877, 18:29 Published in USA USA by Bobby Canell

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I started spreading my referral link around various websites, not having too much belief that anything would come of it. I spent perhaps 2 hours in total doing this over a couple of days. I would like to share the results thus far.

As of Jan. 9th 18:00 eRep time my results were:

133 people joined using my link.

I have collected 85.9 gold from purchases, level ups, and medals gained by these people. I also received 15 gold from getting 3 Society Builder Medals.

Their average level is 6.44 and the average amount of gold I received from them (not counting the society builder medals) is about .65 gold, counting the three medals the average becomes .76 gold.

27% are level 10 or higher

21% are level 20 or higher

51% did not make it past level 1

Of those that did make it past level 1

55% are level 10 or higher

43% are level 20 or higher

1 of my 133 purchased gold.

This is the level breakdown
51.13% level 1
7.52% level 2
5.26% level 3
3.76% level 4
2.26% level 5
0.75% level 6
0.00% level 7
2.26% level 8
0.00% level 9
0.00% level 10
2.26% level 11
0.00% level 12
0.00% level 13
0.75% level 14
0.00% level 15
0.75% level 16
2.26% level 17
0.00% level 18
0.00% level 19
15.04% level 20
5.26% level 21
0.75% level 22

It appears that half don't make it past level 1 but if they do you have a 50-50 shot of them making it to level 10 in order to count towards a society builder medal. In the 2 1/2 weeks I have collected a total of 100.9 gold with 2 hours of work = 50.45 gold per hour worked. Or 100.9/2.5 weeks = 40.36 gold per week.

I have not contacted nor have I been contacted by any of the people that I have invited.

I noticed that many start in European or Asian countries but that does not necessarily mean they are from there in real life.

It seems to me that recruiting people to the game is by far the most profitable way to make money in the game and requires very little actual work. I wished I had realized this years ago, and I would have recruited many more people.



Vlada 505
Vlada 505 Day 1,878, 01:01

Weapon Raw Materials @ 0,045 cc

*With direct link to the offer

ligtreb Day 1,879, 00:08

Interesting. You're conclusion is correct.

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,879, 02:58


Wacky368 Day 1,879, 04:34


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