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Recent Majles List (Congress) Announcement - إعلان عن قائمة المجلس الأخيرة

Day 1,160, 15:58 Published in Egypt Egypt by Arab League

First of all the list of the Congressional Elections in Egypt, has been Announced... i wont be copy pasting it, you can simply check it on the following link 😉

Moreover, I understand that a lot of the names were strange to be accepted, but i Know that Discussions have been going on over the names, and whom to trust, and whom not to trust for a VERY long time now.... I personally STILL Disagree with few names introduced, and officially in the Majles, Especially in Lower Egypt, and Western Desert, on several members that were labeled as unqualified, but not everything i want happens hunh!! their are other people checking that list too ...

Once the Majles is set, ofcourse, Majles men would have the power to approve Citizenship, which will put us under the risk of PTO... so the only one simple rule MUST be followed...


we will be creating a list of names of people to contact if you wish to accept a Citizen, so we can talk about it... possibly on the Forum, which we will need you to Join, As soon as its Translated into English...

If you are a Croatian Congressman, which i would like to take this chance to thank their efforts in Building the Economy, and im positive that they have just started, and plenty more investments will come 🙂, we Expect you to follow the Arab Votes, especially in Treasury Movements, to prevent any possible PTOing from Within the Majles Members.

And Finally, for those who did NOT apply for the Congress, but dont like how the list looks anyway, i would like to state one thing, that the Arab Community on eRepublik (aka the Natives) all agreed on it, so please respect their decisions without insulting their inteligence...

أولاً, قائمة المرشحين في إنتخابات مجلس الشعب المصري, تم الإعلان عنها في الوصلة التالية...

علاوة على ذلك ، وأنا أتفهم أن الكثير من الأسماء كانت من الغريب أن تقبل ، ولكن أعلم أن المناقشات أستمرت كثيرة حتى توصلت لهذة القائمة, .... ما زلت لا أوافق شخصيا مع عرض بعض الاسماء ، رسميا في مجلس الشعب، وخصوصا في مصر السفلى ، والصحراء الغربية ، على العديد من الأعضاء التي وصفت بأنها غير المشروط ، ولكن ليس كل شيء اريده يحدث! فهناك أشخاص آخرين فحصو و تمعنوا بتلك القائمة أيضا...

يرجى تكملة النسخة العربية للإنجليزية, لسبب توجيهها لغير المتحدثين بالعربية, او ما يسموا بالعجم...



Agabey Day 1,160, 16:22


Valky Vala
Valky Vala Day 1,160, 16:24

Perfect and accept the proposal, but I hope all continue with the scheme and that the votes of citizenship is established, as well as the law itself.


Judeophobia Day 1,160, 16:29

I'm Judeophobia and I approve this message. 🙂

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,160, 16:47

Good luck Egypt!

Ellesmere Day 1,160, 18:26


Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka Day 1,160, 20:03

Good advice Arab League.

I have put some suggestions on the Economy here:

Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka Day 1,161, 23:13

"Once the Majles is set, ofcourse, Majles men would have the power to approve Citizenship,"

... let's hope that there are a few women in the Majles too! 🙂

antjerci Day 1,161, 00:18

The list was created in public on ato chanel with representative of Arab ppl - leader of party heboo - others were not online ! as ussuall when needed - and our side - many players - including our preident and Minister of foreign affairs!!!!. Even we could take ALL places by insisting on it, cuz we came on your call, we did as agreed , and shae places. From offered places, due to NOT DELIVERED list on time from arab side - list of congress candidates were made, and WILL NOT BE changed further more in this critical time! After this madndate in congress - croatians will remove our ppl from congress completely or partialy depending on agreement we had, or will be altered in further discussion! I am VERY DISSAPOINTED with reaction of some ppl, and their cantacts with us left on occasional pm-s. To secure law enforcements and voting, prevent CP impeach if it cameto that point eCroatia is prepared to take all messures needed. WE DON'T WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN GOVERMENT FORMING except as advisors! This project, starting with bringing arab countries in erepublik, and now in this action of securing Egypt from hostile take over - costs us hughe ammount of real and virtual gold, personaly me and our state, not to mention endless hours on internet and noumerous negotiations. THIS IS MY RESPONSE TO THIS ARTICLE!

HANSINO Day 1,161, 00:27


podvorje Day 1,161, 01:11

@antjerci - support! Too many acusations and insults on our account beggining to worrie us!

Ibrahimpasha Day 1,161, 01:22

معلش يا باشا.. انا عندى سؤال..

لو عايز ارشح نفسى أعمل اية ؟؟؟ منا عضو فى الحزب!

Lokajaya Day 1,161, 01:32

It seems that you congressmen are easy to accept citizenship proposal. That's no good, there should be a regulation not on personal willing.

heboo Day 1,161, 02:13

I agree with antjerci.
Arab league all is going as we planned. we made agreement with Croatia, and you was there- remember-?
and besides, last 4 days i was left to work alone no one was helping me from (our side). most were Spain, Greek,and even from Israel- and of curse Croat- were offering me help and advices. but not a single Arab!!!
this took my so much -time and money- and for what?? isn't it for Egypt!!! and I/we asked a help from trusted people. they are here to help us, not to insult them.
they are spending their own time try to help us , when we can't be on IRC for at least 1 hour.not to mention other things that need to be organized.
I was waiting you to bring me your list but you didn't show up, so i had to made final one, than you came last night with your list, some of them was already included and some i add them later..i had to make such a mess just to edit the list.
and than i was on IRC yesterday for hours and no one came to talk our discus things. and now i login to see this.
so i took my decision that the list wont be changed.

Lokajaya Day 1,161, 02:42


يا ابرهيم يا باشا, لو دي الوأت مش ممكن علشان تأخرت, بس بكرة حتكون الانتخبات....

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,161, 03:14

Please do not pay attention on eSerbian trolling and propaganda.

Croats are here only to help you prevent political take over of Egypt. We came here on your call, because we are friends and we want to help you again... as we already helped you and supported your efforts in adding Arab countries to eRepublik.

Once when you will feel strong enough and you ask us to leave Egypt we will do so. We have no other interests but to help you built Egypt as a strong country.

I give my full support to heboo and this antiTO operation. I know how much energy, time and money they all invest in this. The list with official candidates is already created, checked and confirmed... and it wouldn't be wise change it one day before elections (that can cause mess). The safety of your congress must be on the first place, and this list is guarantee for that. I'm sure for next elections far more candidates (maybe even all of them) will be Arabs.

Good luck Egypt! We stand on your side!

President of eCroatia

Henrique nGael de Sousa
Henrique nGael de Sousa Day 1,161, 04:25


funky_ribar Day 1,161, 06:34



BeDva Day 1,161, 06:53

how about responding on the comments above arab league??
I won't repeat the things already said, except that croats were invited by egiptians to help them build an independent country and we still intend to do exactly that and not to take control of egypt...

Noveras Day 1,161, 08:30

It is better to make allies than to make enemies : )

Tuhman Atusatay
Tuhman Atusatay Day 1,161, 13:06

the only thing eSerbians will do is to PTO one country then ruin the economy. Thailand is an example. DON'T TRUST THEM

nexus2012 Day 1,162, 03:07

Good luck Egypt!

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