Quisling, Benedict and Shiloh.

Day 4,376, 00:58 Published in USA USA by chickensguys

My Fellow Americans,
So today, I wrote an article while eating breakfast, it was about resistance wars and the amazing D1 epic that was organized and how keeping Washington and District of Columbia safe zones in a sea of training wars was our goal but today is a sad day. So that nice article will be pushed back till tomorrow.

About the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is an enemy country that borders us. They have participated in every single US invasion, without exception, either diplomatically or militarily since it left Terra. The capture of London is of strategic importance; it allows us to assist an ally by resetting the high determination in the province and allows us to provide support to our other allies all of who occupy the rest of the United Kingdom. This is all happening at a time when our enemy Lithuania is getting stronger.

Our Plans
So over the last few days, I have worked to fulfill my campaign promises and help our allies. I had one item left, the capture of London. I spoke with our allies to find a course of action that benefited them and benefited us. I informed Congress of this in advance, this matter was strictly private. When it came time for our first military action, these members, posted below on the left side, who had previously said nothing, used that information to fight against American priorities. This caused several Americans myself included to waste our gold, our ebs and other resources.

This is inexcusable. It's not fair to the country, it's not fair to our allies, and it's not fair to the individual people involved.

If Shiloh didn't want to support our joint effort, he could have voted against the airstrike, but instead, he fought against Americans. He used privileged information, marked private, to harm American priorities. He revealed private Congressional plans discussed in confidence to our enemies. He is not smart enough to know that an RW in London was related to our plans, so he used this information to undermine American foreign policy. He knows nothing of loyalty. When I attempted to reason with Shiloh on discord, he insulted me and he insulted members of my cabinets. He allowed a personal vendetta to get ahead of Dio and country. Today, Shiloh is the biggest disappointment eUSA has to offer.

On behalf of my friends, I am sorry.
On behalf of our allies, I am sorry.
On behalf of everyone who wasted ebs, gold, and more, I am very sorry.

Today was a tragedy.

President of the eUnited States of America