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Question time with Moo

Day 1,093, 12:49 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead

Thought I would answer a couple of questions from the public. 
Ross from South Dublin asks “Where have you been Moo?  Are you taking lessons from Connell on how to be CP”
Thanks Ross, I had some thing come up in RL and was away for last 3 days.  I touched base with most of my ministers and things are ticking along.  Will try to make more regular articles. 
Patty from Newery asks “There are only two things in this county we really like, fighting the UK and  a good political scandal, can you fill us in on the latest twists and turns of the OJ/Dail/ICA afair”
Afraid most of this is old news Patty but here goes.  There was a meeting Saturday night which seems like a month ago now.  The post on the forum has about 300 views and has taken ten turns but in summary I agreed to welcome James Feren to the cabinet and the ICA agreed to return gold OJ stole and gave to them along with some other agreements.  The stated they were robbed later and to my knowledge has not returned any of the stolen gold.  I plan on up holding my end of the agreement and welcoming James to the team.  I expect them to return the states gold, full stop.  It is there issue if they were robbed, they should of returned gold as soon as it was given to them. 
Eddie from Limerick want to know  “ I do not care about all this coronation scandal stuff, what is going on about kicking some British butt.”
We are opening a drain battle against the UK tonight.  The UK is on the offensive and attacking our Canadian friends.  We are going to help them by opening another frount to pull recourses away.  Because of the thefts earlier in the month we do not have the resources to supply the IDF.  Get all the guns you can on the open market in Limerick and shoot up a storm the next day but this fight is jut to help out a friend. So we are just going to kick some butt for the fun of it. Fight food only, do not waiste gold, and lets try to tak a couple during the night to stretch this into tommorow for us.

I paid the 26 gold myself. We are selling sponsership to future attacks on the UK. Want to contribute to more fights donate gold to national treasury and send me a PM, I like pushing the attack button.

We attacked Wales instead of SE so we could all get the ferry over to Maddogs local for a pint, lol.
I would like to answer more questions but the milk is a little sour tonight from jet lag.  So, anyone with serious or even funny questions please post them below and I will answer them in two days.  Just none of the trivia ones i got to work goggle on overtime to find.

EDIT: thanks Noggin for her hard work steping in to negotiate for Dail.



don.squire Day 1,093, 13:16

Thanks for the update Chief!


The EPIC Org
The EPIC Org Day 1,093, 13:17

“Where have you been Moo? Are you taking lessons from Connell on how to be CP”

I giggled at that. 😉

Like the article.

johnmcf Day 1,093, 13:18


Effluo Day 1,093, 13:19

Limerick only has knives , good luck eddie ^-^

T1nk3r Day 1,093, 13:19

"We are opening a drain battle against the UK tonight" He lies! The Irish horde has begun its path of destruction, go now! Destroy them all.

Waruda Day 1,093, 13:30


John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,093, 14:27

It just so happens that Limerick is a good place for weapons... 😛

Dylanb9216 Day 1,093, 14:28


Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,093, 14:30

So is the Dail, I understand a few TD's are claiming they got "knifed" in the back as

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,093, 14:50

We'll be drinking in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,093, 15:36

Hail the ICA

Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,093, 16:30

Hail Ireland!!!

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 1,093, 17:40

Hail yes!!!

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,093, 17:44

Hail ireland!

The Libertine Day 1,093, 19:49

Comment deleted

Joe Hitman
Joe Hitman Day 1,094, 13:49

spelt Newry wrong 😛

Digits 05637716
Digits 05637716 Day 1,094, 14:17

Hail snow

Ronan Donovan
Ronan Donovan Day 1,094, 16:03

Good article!You the cow!

seanlynch Day 1,095, 12:23

How Moooooooving.

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