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Q7 Weapon Production

Day 1,870, 12:22 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

Currently, there's a system in place:
Some people make weapons, Others work for weapons. This is how most of our Military Units are run.

I'm unsure who currently has Q7 factories and how many, however, I think that the Dignity Brigade Commune is on to something. They have a system that can help the economy as well as players themselves.

How Dignity Brigade works: (simplified)
Locutus is the only member with a Q7 factory.

Everyone within the MU who wants weapons, sells their WRM (Weapons Raw Materials) on the market at 1.00 ZAR. So say I make 2000 WRM/ per day.

I post 2000WRM on the market and then transfer. 2000 ZAR to Locutus, he buys it off the market, then uses it to make however many Q7 weapons that allows.

Locutus donates me the weapons.

The Dignity Brigade also helps members (slowly, as it is a smaller MU) save up to purchase their own WRM factories so that they can produce enough Q7 weapons to be self sufficient, as well as also take the burden of WRM off Locutus.

My Idea
Willdeboer and irule777 and I were discussing trying to implement this system as a staple in other MU's or how to make it work nationally.

If we were to take this system and build on it. Say Locutus SELLS the Q7 weapons back to me and transfers the appropriate money. (or has an eSA citizen do it.) There's more tax money being built.

Now have eSAAF do this, or at least the members with q7 factories, or even Q6.

Helping all players build up their own productions. Maybe even use tax revenues to help fund this program.

Our "Proudly South African" fixed prices can also help be the standard price range of the weapons trade.

Now to the Downside
-Maybe some money is lost to taxes.
-MU communes would probably have to be more broken down into smaller segments.
-Multiple people are relying on the activity of one.

This is simply an idea that I had. Not a proposal, not a pitch, not something I want to start right away, but I would like feedback. Any tweaks, ideas, ways to streamline it, make it better, shortcomings and downsides.

Please let me know!




Rexdeus Day 1,870, 14:20

basically similar to MUST & eSAAF supplies. One receive less Q7's but here the idea is getting more raw companies bought (and possibly more Q7 companies) to increase the possible Q7's available to supply. Obviously the owner need to be citizen of the high production bonus country

Grimstone & Crumoet will be able to give you more of the finer details.

love the idea. Anyone would like more Q7's 🙂

Pickn Day 1,870, 14:31

How many wrm are needed per q7 weapon?

Locutus Day 1,870, 14:39


atrawall Day 1,870, 15:05

Rex, thanks for getting back to me. Do you guys filter all items through the marketplace? I feel like that's tax revenue that could be made. But it would also require more work probably. Any thoughts?

Jay Huntsman
Jay Huntsman Day 1,870, 18:12

Awesome stuff Rexdeus. I posted a response to this article - and I've been wondering if South Africa has a system/plan in place. My MU has a basic system in place. Everyone works for minimum wage. They are given 3 options for their package - 1. Health 2. Weapons 3. Health + Weapons. We have a website where you go to request your package (max 1 request every 12 hours). This is a good system to ensure that the requester is active.

AdUnit Day 1,870, 20:46

This could encourage new members to be more active as well. I remember when I first started it was impossible to get Q7 weapons and keep up with fights. I think it could help them like this game more and stick around.

Rexdeus Day 1,871, 03:48

We sell wep raw @ 0.40 on the market, donate the cc to Grim or Crum, who then buys the raw, basically giving you the money back (similar as DB)

You can choose per day:
a) food and weps - 6Q7's and food for 600 wellness
c) 7Q7's

but then if you fight more than your 60 hits you can receive extra Q7's based on amount of hits done, from 90 hits ( 30 hits extra), you receive 3 extra Q7's up to 240 hits you will receive 18Q7

Rexdeus Day 1,871, 03:51

oh and same as with Jay, we have to fill in a form, have a look here to get better idea >>>

Rexdeus Day 1,871, 03:54

just a point i have to make i can take no credit for all the hard work that Grimstone, Miyagi, Merle, Crum has put into this......... i just work here 🙂

Grimstone Day 1,871, 06:44

Thanks for providing the info Rex, eSAAF have been doing this for months, puzzled why it has not been noticed.

The whole idea of MUST program was to be able to supply everyone in eSA with weapons to fight with as long as they were part of a MU that was affiliated to eSAAF. We have pulled in most of the MU's

atrawall Day 1,871, 07:31

I've always been a private MU guy. (DB, PUR) The closest thing I had was working for Hamilton in the Red Army, so I know little of eSAAF. I may have to check it out.

Jay Huntsman
Jay Huntsman Day 1,871, 13:34

Oops, when I said Awesome stuff Rexdeus. I mean Awesome stuff Claudio. Sorry I was confused because both icons have clowns.

atrawall Day 1,871, 20:55

I'm not a clown, I'm a Blood covered Rockstar!

Rexdeus Day 1,871, 22:42


well.......i do sometimes use blood for my face paint, just have a look at the MK tourney i am going to win >>

no harm Jay : )

Wacky368 Day 1,872, 01:14

Lol @ Rex

Claudio, if DB can do something together with eSAAF on this it will be absolutely great. eSAAF donated zar to each of us who agreed to help on the MUST idea to be able to buy the weapons raw companies where we get the exp points daily and the rest happens as above. The military benefits as well as the soldiers/workers. I, and surely others too, would not be able to afford more than 2 battles per day without the supply drops that we request.

Al Kazar
Al Kazar Day 1,872, 02:44

The WRM producers are donating the funds to the weapons producers to purchase the WRM they place on the market, and then getting the money back when the WRM are purchased. This removes the obstacle preventing the donation of RM's, but is basically just another way to donate products. There is no VAT collected and the WRM's are self produced so no salaries are paid and no Income Tax is collected.


Al Kazar
Al Kazar Day 1,872, 02:55

What we need is for this structure to be expanded to include the donation of food and weapons. A very large proportion of products are now produced and donated directly to players with no monetary transactions taking place on the market resulting in less taxes generated for the country. Less taxes means less money available for the country and its citizens to grow and expand.

If all donations of food and weapons went through the market this would have a beneficial impact on the economy and the taxes generated could be used to further stimulate the economy and provide more for everyone.

Al Kazar
Al Kazar Day 1,872, 03:04

Furthermore, communal employers could rather pay a higher salary (generating more income tax) and have the workers donate a portion of their salary back to the commune in return for their supplies when requesting supplies. It may be more to keep track of but would have an overall beneficial effect.

The Legionnaires MU already follows a system of paying higher salaries and using the marketplace for processing all supplies, thus paying taxes and doing our small part to improve our economy.

atrawall Day 1,872, 05:21

That's what I was trying to pitch, Al, thanks for expanding. It might take more work, but I'd love for most of our supplies to filter through the market in some capacity.

Rexdeus Day 1,872, 05:23

Increase in tax revenue could then fund other programs, beneficial all around. If one can ask how much does the Legionnaires MU pay?

Grimstone Day 1,872, 08:52

Why not start a topic about this one the forums before this article expires!

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