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Q7 tanks, Translation Services and Media Mogul Project

Day 1,890, 08:48 Published in Israel Croatia by TheNecromancer

Hello again!
I'll keep this short and go right to the deal - I offer general Erepublik related services for gold/currency:

Cheap Q7 tanks
Selling Q7 tanks for 10 NIS or 0.05 gold per unit (1 gold = 20 Q7 tanks)
This is relatevly cheap compared to the market, it will save you some currency.

Translation Services
Translating Hebrew - English and English - Hebrew
1-10 lines: 10 NIS (0.05 gold)
11-30 lines: 30 NIS (0.10 gold)
31+ lines: 50 NIS (0.15 gold)
(usually lots of work)

Media Mogul Project - Sub 4 sub
sub my newspaper and I'll sub you back



IQuitTheGame Day 1,890, 10:16

Isn't the translation quite expensive for those kind of matters?

TaoLaoTzu Day 1,890, 10:40



liransin Day 1,890, 10:49

sub 34

MrBannana Day 1,890, 13:33

S 35
sub back 🙂

Daniel HaChawer
Daniel HaChawer Day 1,891, 02:24

Except the fact, that Q7 is 9.70 on the free market, and as low as 8 in Serbia.

TheNecromancer Day 1,891, 04:11

@Daniel HaChawer
1. I didnt update the article yet, it was 11 a day ago, and yes, it was 10.5 in serbia as well.
2. Not for nothing this article was written in English - I'm talking to citizens of other countries with higher costs for tanks, anyway I will change it soon.

Hooliganos Day 1,891, 05:04


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