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Q&A Series 1: Episode 1 (Majester)

Day 1,886, 18:52 Published in Australia Australia by Callumh123

Hello all and welcome to eAustralia's only Q&A series where I will be questioning some of eAustralia's best and our most controversial.

To start series, I thought I would start with a great player, with a decorated history as CP, ADF Marshal, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence. Unfortunately all I could find was Majester. To be kind now he is one of eAustralia's best, he has been there done it all and somehow still playing.

So please could all clap yours hands for Majester.

Cal: Thank you Majester for agreeing to this interview. So here we go.

Cal: You have been playing eRepublik since 2009, why are you still playing?

Maj: Curiosity and the interaction. The people are entertaining and engaging and my life feels empty without the dramas

Cal: You have been CP 4 times, which is an incredible feat. What keeps driving you to the position?

Maj: I stand when Australia is in crises and I stupidly believe only I can help. My first two terms were after the Angel Demon PTO and a failed ANP administration. The country needed a fast reboot to get us running after months of malaise. We expanded into Peru, got very involved in EDEN, and rewrote our tax philosophy.

The second two terms were induced by an era of Australia dying from boredom. We had endless pointless training wars and no greater purpose while snuggling in neutrality. My aim was to try get Aus to 100% Weapon Resources (we got 80%), mend relations with Argentina, and harass New Zealand a little for past wrongs and refusing to take our relationship to another level. APP's condescension also help spur me on. We ended the term with Australia being involved in real wars, more regional involvement, and having a stronger economy than ever before.

CP is like a drug. Its a thrilling high that ultimately burns you out if you aren't careful. The access to information and ability to effect change is awesome, but the toll on your personal life and relationships questionable. Take it in small doses, and never believe you are the only person who can do the job well. I highly recommend only 2 successive terms if only to keep the country inspired and dynamic.

Cal: What difficulties have you faced this term as a member of the Foreign Affairs Department?

Maj: We had the usual rough start trying to get everyone onto the same page, but after thrashing out our hope and goals we have gelled nicely. Australia have used a system of multiple time-zones for the DoFA since my last CP term to great success. We can interact more often, respond rapidly, and generally deal with matters with consistency.

Our neighbourhood is a very different place after the Aus-Chile-NAP, but we are learning fast in a very dynamic but unstable situation. The Treaty is a little awkward in its inefficiency and I hope to eventually transform it from a rough settlement to an actual agreement that is more sensible and mutually beneficial. It has been a very short month.

Cal: What is your take on the Aus-Indo Treaty?

Maj: There is no Indo-Aus treaty right now. While Australia hopes to change the relationship between Indonesia and Australia forever; Indonesia are resisting. The idea of a land swap is very old to engender trust and cooperation between two great countries.

We continue to hope that one day Indonesia will embrace the notion that virtual land is a resource and not RL national pride. Together, we will be frightening and awesome.

Cal: You are from South Africa in real life, why did you choose eAustralia as your eCountry?

Maj: I play eRep during the day my time and finish early evening. This coincides wonderfully with Australia's prime time, and saddles the start and close of other time zones enough to keep abreast internationally. Australia is also culturally similar enough to South Africa to not always feel like a stranger. Its a good fit for my lifestyle.

Cal: Do you have plans to ever move to eSouth Africa?

Maj: Nope. Love the guys, but I prefer the activity levels in Aus. I was in eSA when I was younger to help against Indo there, but was drawn back to Aus. There is no place like home.

Cal: Another amazing feat is the amount of months you have spent as ADF Marshal, temporary and permanent. Why do you keep on going with the ADF Marshal position?

Maj: Nobody else wants the job XD. The ADF is important for Australia. It unifies our MU in an apolitical matter and is crucial in crisis to keep Aussies motivated. The only constant the ADF have are new people every term trying to kill it off and plunge Australia into mercenary MU chaos.

Our government is well organised -- so should our military be. That said, we need an activity kick which requires more passionate soldiers with more time than sense. Its also a wonderful outlet for my love of fiddling with spreadsheets and numbers.

Cal: Tell us a bit about the Green and Gold Party, a Party you have been relatively faithful too since the collapse of the PaPP and MBP?

Maj: PaPP and MBP did not collapse. They merged into the GGP. The party is practical in its approach to issues and solutions and prioritises Australia over the Party. What's not to like with pragmatism.

Cal: Lastly, do you have any future aspirations for another CP medal and term?

Maj: I will run again when I have enough time set aside and Australia appears to stagnate or if we are in crises and need my brand of unity politics.

Again, I would like to thank Majester for agreeing to be apart of my first interview. Though there is a lot to read through it is well worth the read.

Until next time, I thank you eAustralia.



Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,886, 19:21

Good Interview, Voted.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,886, 19:44

I was Majesters MoD when we had our record of 8 states for congress \o/


infin Day 1,886, 21:06

Good interview. Thanks.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,886, 22:44


Arfman Day 1,887, 23:46

>To start series, I thought I would start with a great player, with a decorated history as CP, ADF Marshal, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence. Unfortunately all I could find was Majester

LOL. Still a good read though.

Miss Wolf
Miss Wolf Day 1,887, 02:53

The MBP did not collapse, you noob. We lost all our parties when eIndonesia wiped eAus at the end of 2010 and I decided to dissolve the party later that year. Unlike others who let their parties be taken over by Indos I held onto the MBP until I was able to dissolve it and thus save its name for history.

Callumh123 Day 1,887, 03:39

: (

Miss Wolf
Miss Wolf Day 1,887, 05:48

Awww, it doesn't mean I don't like you, Cal!
/me hugs Callumh

Tim_Holtz Day 1,887, 12:50

great article

infin Day 1,888, 03:57

Two points: 1. The ANP government was not failed. All ANP governments have been successful AND lulzy. The perfect combination. 2. The ANP as a party is irrepressible. It is like herpes,

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,888, 05:32

Herpes ..

Really? 😕

Icetek Day 1,888, 09:12

wtf did infin just write.....

your forgot 3, where DD2 made clones to get it into top 5.

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