Proposal of 42 Quality of Life Improvements for eRepublik!

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Proposal of 42 Quality of Life Improvements for eRepublik by zzzingo.

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Greetings everyone. First of all, I would like to clarify what I mean by quality of life improvements. These are smaller changes that won't have much impact on the gameplay, but more about making it a bit more enjoyable. All of these changes shouldn't require too much recourses to implement either, so I hope that eRep Labs can get some inspiration from my article. Some ideas are mine while others have been found on other places. Anyways, let's head to my list.


1: List of all donations you have sent and received during the past days.

2: Increase the duration of lower quality weapons. They would be a lot more useful, although they would still deal much less damage. Increase the efficience of q1 air weapon as well.

3: Remove the sale on training ground. Instead, the price on upgrades should be reduced by 25-50 %. Also, make training contracts purchasable every day.

4: Let us donate houses.

5: New overlay on the map: Alliances.

6: Allow us to also find dead citizens while searching for citizens in the search citizens bar at the top of the page.

7: Let us preview the new players message before proposing it.

8: Allow us to edit comments/posts in feeds or articles within a few minutes after posting it.

9: Allow us to filter out medal notifications in the friends feed, also posts about guerilla fights.

10: Improve the email notifications feature. For example, give us the option to get a email when someone has proposed my country as NE- or AS target, or if a MTO is about to start.

11: Make it possible to partially use food units, just like weapons.

12: Remove the 25 comments missions, replace them with a mission where you need to get a total of 100 votes on your articles.

13: Rework the media mogul medal. Either decrease the number of subscribers for the first medal or just award it after x amount of votes and/or endorsements.

14: Reduce frequency of captchas depending on the age of the citizen or number of solved captchas.

15: Add a new shortcut (maybe shift+h) to allow us to quickly move home to our residence, but make some sort of pop up window that ask us we really want to move of course.

16: Make the weekly challenge start on Mondays, because logic...


17: The political titles should grant some abilities, for example: MoFa should be able to propose MPPs, MoD airstrikes and MoE new citizen message. Prime ministers should have all of these abilities.

18: New political title: Advisor, which could be applied to several people at the same time, but not have any real effect.

19: Give the congress the ability to have different tax values on WAM, usual work tax, CO and medals.

20: Let the CP-candidates propose a government before the CP-election, that will be displayed when we vote.

21: Allow Party Presidents and spokesmen to publish articles in the name of their party.


22: Give commanders the option to let their 2nd Commanders set CO.

23: Give us the option to limit how much CO each soldier can get as maximum.

24: Reduce number of regions in some countries, some examples are USA, France and China. (Yup, very controversial)

25: Implement a new feature that allow the government to choose a battle of their allies that their citizens will be able to fight in without moving, even if they aren’t deployed. It could last for 30 minutes and have a cooldown of 20 hours.

26: Let us to do something useful with bazookas. Why not let us scrap them and turn them into rockets or something.


27: Articles that are more than 3 days old should never show up in the new media section.

28: Agreement between two countries to allow their citizen to publish articles for free in their respective countries, it could cost a very small amount of money.

30: Increase maximum number of people in a PM-conversation to 50. It would allow the entire congress and government to fit in a single group.

31: Ability to add/remove people from PM-groups. It should also be possible to leave the group easily.

32: Increase character limit when posting in the feeds to either 200 or 250. 160 is a bit low, especially if you want to post a link.

33: Make it possible to share posts in the friends feed. (reshout/quote function)

34: A more powerful media module: Possibility to save several drafts, scheduling automatic publishing of an article at a certain time and more editing tools.

35: Give us the option to endorse bigger amounts of money, for example 300 cc.

36: Display active work streak on the profile page if the person have 365 days or more.

Small countries Quality of Life (QoL)

37: The congress should have the ability to reduce the number of congress seats in its country, maybe it should require a referendum as well?

38: MPP-cost should be a bit different, depending on the size of the countries.

39: Allow two countries to merge and create “Federation of “x” and “y””. The federation would work like a normal country, but it must be easy to end it somehow. It would probably be a good idea to give federations one disadvantage, maybe it should cost 30 % of its tax incomes?

3 much more controversial ideas (and not really QoL fixes)

40: Only allow us to set CO for citizens in our own country.

41: Remove True Patriot medal.

42: Reintroduce daily maximum of posts in the friends feed (sorry Jimkats and co).


Thank you for reading, if you have any more small ideas, then feel free to comment and let's discuss them!


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