Day 3,862, 01:20 Published in Croatia Croatia by Emperor Gaozu

Hello everyone 🙂

Project holder MU "Hrvatska vojska"

Project Goals:

- increase player activity

- increase the player's damage, automatically and strengthen the player's casualty

- competition and fun

Project plan:

The most active fighters in Croatia for the damage suffered on a weekly basis receive weapons as a reward

For each of the divisions (D1, D2, D3, D4)

1st place by damage to 1,000 q7 weapons

2nd place on the resulting damage of 600 q7 weapons

3rd place for the damage suffered 350 q7 weapons

4th place for the damage suffered 200 q7 weapons

5th place for the damage suffered 150 q7 weapons

6th - 10th place for the damage suffered 100 q7 weapons

Players participating in the leg of the Legend VII play the right to participate (we consider that players with a greater amount of the above mentioned, with the TP medals themselves can finance the weapon themselves).

Every player ending with the military act Legend X who achieves 20 billion weeks of damage will be rewarded with 2000 q7 weapons.

The project was launched two weeks ago within the MU "Hrvatska vojska" and was funded by Dayerus player who is also the commander of MU "Hrvatska vojska" and increased the player's activity and the player's weekly damage.

Players within the competition are moving faster, spending more time online in the game and returning to their desire to play.

They are motivated to buy packages and get involved in the competition and entertainment.

With the experience from MU "Hrvatska vojska" they would like to include the entire eCroatia community.

eCroatia is awake, we are the first in the eWorld with a number of players with purchased packages and we want to be even more numerous in order to achieve this, we need help from you - the game administrator.

Help us with gold or cc to make our project long-lasting and lastingly sustainable.

Thank you

Best Regards, Emperor Gaozu