Private Wellness Program : A Question of Ethics or Good Business in eWorld

Day 511, 18:08 Published in Australia Australia by StewartB

Today I was talking to a fellow eAussie and they asked me the question. Is it ethical to be using wars to increase our population’s wellness? Is this really in the spirit of the game? It gave me reasons to pause as I have been a big supporter of the programme and it is very successful strategy. This has prompted me to write this article from both sides of view. Yes I argue with myself often.

A Question of Ethics:
The game was developed to change the world I would like to think for the better. As a social experiment to showcase the best of human kind and to allow young minds to develop and create a better world online. Hopefully this would then translate to the real world. However the world is rife with Wars and bickering instead of sharing ideas and enlightenment. So using wars to increase eAustralia’s wellness is adding to the world that in real life we all are against. So why do we do it online? Why not build our own economy and look after our people with Gifts of love and health and through fine food and housing? If we attracted people back to eAustralia and had them developing our economy couldn’t we achieve the same outcome? Yes maybe not as fast but it would be more ethical and sustainable. Yes it takes more work as it means contacting our friends overseas and convincing them to come back here and work. Yes it takes sacrifice from ourselves but wouldn’t it show the world that we are a country of intelligent, enlightened and caring people? What face to the world do we want to show?

Good Business in eWorld
eAustralia in the world is currently ranked 21 so relatively small in population. It also is suffering from a labour shortage so productivity is low. We also do not have many regions so potential for productivity is low as well. Increasing our people’s wellness is one very viable option to increase our productivity to help us survive in this world wide economy. We have had a tough year trying to get our country back from eIndonesia and this has taken a lot of money and we still need to get the rest of the country back. We need to look after our economy and make it stronger. The Wellness program is allowing us to build our productivity up at a much cheaper price about 28Au as opposed to the gifting program which for 50 wellness points would take 5 days and a cost of around $142Au. At the moment we can’t afford to be hippies and use wishful thinking to get our country back. I also believe that the Wellness program will get great publicity and will attract people back to eAus as we are showing initiative in looking after our ecitizens.

So eAustralia where do you stand? Would love to hear your constructive comments on both sides of the debate? Also if this article is popular I will arrange a live debate between both sides of the argument.