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Prinny II: Return of the dood

Day 1,895, 07:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by kdoggroundtwo

After a few months and the deaths of many a prinny, The Prinny Squad have successfully (Or failed depending on your view) managed to obtain the famed, Legendary, Ultra Desert!

With the epic questing over for now Prinny Squad finally return to active duty, Defending the country, fighting for allies, accidently exploding....

...and other Prinny stuff!

What this means in short is Prinny Squad is becoming active again and we are looking for new members.

Prinny, Sadly for now after the last sets of reincarnations during the red moon are lacking funds and only have Q5 weapons and food to offer to members who require either. (Though we are working on getting to Q7)

Members are free to work elsewhere if they wish.

Prinny Squad is also an MU with no political connection. We are neither owned nor run at current or in the past by any political party. Members are free to be part of any party they so choose or none at all if they are happy to deal with all the join my party spam PMs.

Prinny is willing to work with anyone in the benefit of the eUK. Not to forward anyone’s political gain.

Anyone can be a prinny! Many are even dragged kicking and screaming and forced to become a prinny! Staying a prinny is just as easy. We have no damage requirements. All we ask is the members try to fight once a day and maybe drop by IRC ( ) and chat every now and then.

Though I am sure there are no consequences if you don't....


Members of the eUK both old and new, take this chance to try something different and join one of the slowest growing MUs around!


(Bet half these images don't work...)


Alphabethis Day 1,895, 11:42

I was a Prinny , and I had a great time.

Garth Lidlington M.D.
Garth Lidlington M.D. Day 1,895, 14:08

Voted >_>

FragUK Day 1,895, 19:48

voted, nice to see another MU with no party ties. o7

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