PrinceOfAustria UNBANNED!

Day 892, 04:55 Published in Austria Austria by PrinceOfAustria

Fellow citizen,

I am so happy to tell you I'm back!
I'm really really glad admins did a good job and understood I am no multi.
Really you should have seen my when i tried to log in and it worked, i freaked out :PP
I only have 50 wellness now, so I'd be happy if you could gift me (and my girlfriend).
Also, unfortunately I've been removed from congress, and lost my party, but it is in good hands now and will be handed over to me again as soon as possible.

I want to say thanks for everyone who shouted, commented or supported me in any other way.
Even my political "enemies" were on my side, which makes me especially proud.
Thank you all for your overwhelming support!

Now let's continue fighting for a better eAustria!

PrinceOfAustria, finally back!

PS: lol i was just called "PhoenixOfAustria" because i raised back from the ashes 😉
PPS: Sorry for the short article, but i got a lot of organizing to do now.