Prim si s-a furat startul / Prim and false start

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Articolul in limba romana se afla mai jos.

Prim, as in pertama

Lately, I've seen a lot of postings from Indonesia, spamming for up to three words in the media. This all started as an innocent game, but soon developed into a full throttle coverage of the media. It's in the game, or better yet it's in the race to be top gun... even if it is at comments.

So, what's the whole meaning of "pertama"? Well, nothing more than being first one to post a comment. It's that silly 'ol thing that began with eRepublik Insider. We all wanted first comment; well Indonesians didn't stop at Insider, and now we have them on everyone's arse. "Pertama" means first, in Indonesian, just like "Kedua" means second, while "Ketiga" means third. These three words are often seen posted, meaning that they're spammer (wish I'd've written writer, but then again...) was first on the comment list. Only wish that those who don't succeed in this delete they're comment, otherwise that comment is just a reminder that they don't even succeed at spamming.

Still, there's a catch; words are most often changed, by adding an "x" to the end, and as a coincidence "Pertamax" is a Indonesian national product (the only one, by the way) in the oil business, owned by "Pertamina" (yeah, the only national company), so in time "Pertama" became "Pertamax", "Pertamax Plus", "Pertamina" or "Perpakin". And yeah, they'll usually shout it.

But still, there's a question as to why this kind of behavior appears in the media, and it seems to be related to Indonesia's spirit to be number one (they're the only one to desire such a thing, sic!). So, I'm going to propose that everyone in the community types a word in the Indoesian media. For example, Vulcan, Durex, Kama Sutra, or something icky like Cola and McDonalds.

More info, in the original article by draconins: .

News in brief

After 25th November's elections we have some interesting events happening, most important being the hostile political take over of Slovenia by Indonesia. Slovenia has repeatedly asked for help from Atlantis, and it has been given, by securing MPP's between Slovenia and Atlantis countries. Slovenia currently has borders with PEACE member, Italy.

At the end of this newspaper there's a surprise, like usual.

Prim, adica pertama

In ultima vreme am tot vazut multe mesaje din partea eCetatenilor Indonezieni, aruncand vreo trei cuvinte prin media de oriunde. Totul a inceput ca un joc inofensivm dar in curand a devenit o molima pentru intreaga gazetarie. E un joc, sau mai bine spus e interesul de a fi primul... chiar daca e vorba numai despre comentarii.

Ei, dar ce inseamna "pertama"? Nimic mai mult decat sublinierea faptului ca e primul omulet care scrie un comentariu. Unul inutil, as putea adauga. E acel joc care a inceput cu eRepublik Insider. Fiecare dorea primul comentariu; si Indonezienii nu s-au oprit la Insider, si acu' tabacesc toate ziarele. "Pertama" inseama primul, in Indoneziana, la fel cum "Kedua" inseamna al doilea, iar "Ketiga" inseamna al treilea. Aceste trei cuvinte sunt deseori intalnite, insemnand ca spammerul (dintr-un motiv intemeiat n-am zis scriitorul) acestora a fost primul pe lista de comentarii. Ar fi frumos daca cei care rateaza multe-n viata si-ar sterge replicile, altfel nu e decat o amintire a faptului ca nici macar la spam nu sunt prea buni.

Insa aceste trei cuvinte sunt usor modificate, prin adaugarea unui "x" la final, si ca o coincidenta, "Pertamax" e un produs Indonezian national (singurul, apropos) din industria petroliera, detinut de "Pertamaina" (da, singura companie nationala), astfel ca in timp "Pertama" a devenit "Pertamax", "Pertamax Plus", "Pertamina" sau "Perpakin". Si in mod curent il vor tipa (cineva sa le strice shift si caps lock va rog).

Dar mai e o intrebare referitor la acest comportament din cadrul mass media, si pare a fi legat de spiritul Indonezia care doreste sa ajunga pe primul loc (or si singurii de pe planeta care vor; hilar). Ei bine, Indonezia e cat de cat izolata in respectivul colt de lume in care se afla, avand aliati de o parte si de alta. Oare mai tineti minte cum au inceput primele lupte ale razboiului mondial? Cu foarte mult spam in media.

Ca o combatere a acestui lucru, va propun un mic spam in mass media Indoneziana (Community>Media, si alegeti Indoezia si apoi latest news) cu un produs din afara lor. Scrieti ceva care are o semnificatie, cum ar fi Vulcan, Kama Sutra, Durex sau din gama lucrurilor scarboase: Cola, McDonals si asa mai departe. "Pentru ca merita", ca o parafrazare a unui celebru slogan.

Mai multe informatii in articolul orginal de aici: .

Stiri pe scurt

Dupa alegerile de pe 25 Noiembrie, unele evenimente interesante au avut loc, cel mai important fiind preluarea intr-un mod ostil a Sloveniei de catre Indonezia. Slovenia a cerut in mod repetat ajutorul Atlantis, si acesta a fost acordat prin forma MPP'urilor dintre Slovenia si diferite tari Atlantis. Slovenia are in acest moment granita cu o tara membra PEACE, Italia.


En😛 This is from the time I've fought against Indonesians at Western Cape. It's been a great fight and truly an honor to be side by side with great warriors. Ais was one of them, and after the fight ended we met to discuss how things have turned out.
Rou: Ca de fiecare data, in ultima vreme, pentru final prezint pe careva drag. Astazi, iat-o pe Ais, o luptatoare din Indoezia, foarte draguta de altfel, si cu un fair-play ridicat, dupa razboi oferindu-mi din painea uscata pe care o folosea drept arma.

Good night and good luck,