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Prices for eUS Goods Go Up

Day 1,844, 18:21 Published in USA USA by Trappets

It seems prices have increased a significant amount today. Here's an example of the cheapest prices for 7-star food and weapons:
7-star food: ~$0.89 USD per unit to $1.12 USD per unit
7-star weapon: ~15.89 USD per unit to $16.05 USD per unit

It will be interesting to see how this price increase affects poorer and less privileged consumers.

In other news, President Inwegen has kicked off a campaign against Taiwan by sending out 1 energy bar plus a 6-star weapon to each American citizen.

Not sure if I am getting these figures based off a tax increase since I am relatively new but the price increases have been my personal observation.

In the future, I shall start logging prices for US goods.



Xrune Day 1,845, 06:10

Not all goods are going up. Q1 weapons have been constantly been having a steady decline in prices which I have attempted to combat by buying out the lowest prices and then reselling at a higher price. I would still be doing that if it weren't for the one person who posted a low price with 36000 units.

Trappets Day 1,846, 00:05

Thanks for the insight. I'll make sure to keep a broader view on the index of prices.

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