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Prices and Qualities of Food || Weapons || Raw Materials

Day 1,443, 07:28 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Saif Ali Khan

My dear reader's ,

Today i am here to just discuss something about our price's and productivity and a daily government based rate list system implementation.

So as you all know Pakistan's economic system is going worst in the whole erepublik right now and why its simply because we never do any work with plan and with some home work on it , We need to make some new plan's on our productivity and also implementation of governments rate list so that it would generate some income to the government and also our economy will go higher and people will become more happier too , This is why i just want to say a few last things which are if our president and MOE work's together and make a plan and then implement it with the use of their power then Pakistan would a nice place to work and to live , Like right now Poland is because they never let the gold rates go higher they never let the food price go higher and they control every economical thing very well .

So that's all for now more will come soon so wait for more and please read carefully and discuss it with your opinion's here so it will be easier to make a plan and implement it.



Prince Imran Khan
Prince Imran Khan Day 1,443, 07:33

ive been trying my best to keep the food raw rate at 0.33
i buy everything cheaper than that

dodial Day 1,443, 08:16

@ princess
Saif talked the opposite of what you are doing. He is talking about keeping prices low, you are buying everything below 0.33 for personal profit, which is alright, but not what saif asked for

we have done many things in this term to the affect that you have asked. One of them was the loans program as detailed in the article
Uptil now we have helped individuals open up 12 new RM companies through the program.

What you are asking for cannot be done in a day and cannot be done solely by the government. e.g. there is no way for us to hold or control gold prices. Gold prices are affected in many ways by international markets and i can explain in detail if you want.
What we can do is make policy and hope that all citizens work towards it.

In short what matters is not low gold price, but a stable one. We think that the PKR with its current GDP can be stabalized between 1000 and 1100. For a more detailed discussion you can always ping me on IRC

Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan Day 1,443, 10:17

dodial that's what i wanted but can't we make some type of plans and then chain shout that plan and also address that plan on our irc channel too so it would come to an end ?

av khan
av khan Day 1,444, 06:31

prices of raw lower than 0.33 is not good guys : ) but we do need the prices of food and weapons to be lower

Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan Day 1,444, 08:39

+1 av khan thats the main point 🙂

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