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Presidential Address #2

Day 1,848, 14:06 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by CrackShotNZ

Hello Citizens of eNew Zealand, I would like to apologise about the delay in getting you informed on the situation with Otago and I take full responsibility, I should have got this out earlier.

After talking with Chile, a proposal has been made which puts Otago as a bridge through New Zealand for Chile to have access to both sides of the area, this needs to be done as if we liberate Otago then Chile will be sliced in half and Argentina will be given an advantage in the fight between the two nations.
The Government have discussed the proposal and accepted it as we believe it is in the best interest of both of our countries.

With that said I urge all kiwis to not waste your money on supporting RW's in Otago as there is no chance of the RW being successful.

As a progress report on this months goals I have now created the Government channel and will be distributing access to congressmen soon. So for those of you in congress, expect a mail very soon.

Thank you all for your time.
Hail eNZ \o/
Hail CoT o7


MeAwesome Day 1,848, 14:09

Hail Crack ! \o/

Djeza Day 1,848, 14:23


Fanktastic Day 1,848, 14:45


Da Dottore
Da Dottore Day 1,848, 14:57


techniman Day 1,848, 15:20


DOBRSbanovani Day 1,848, 15:25


McGinty.dc Day 1,848, 17:12


Tasmaryn Day 1,848, 21:26


EDMONDTOT Day 1,849, 23:31


EternalLightStream Day 1,849, 00:48

.....ok,sounds good.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,849, 00:54

I love the spin here. To protect Chile from Argentina. not to assists Chile's interests in the lands they think they have conquered.
And sadly showing NZ's say in this - suck it up & put a brave face on it, pretend its a mutual agreement because Chile has no intention to release Otago

Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,849, 01:11

@Louise Brooks, do not try to spin this, it's your problem that Chile is deleted Australia, not ours so we just provide them a bridge, and give them bonus what we really don't need.
Chile is our friend, very good friend not like some others.


Gavra Munja
Gavra Munja Day 1,849, 01:42

There once was a country named eAustralia, but it vanished a long time ago and now it exists only in the minds of those who once lived there : )
Hail eNZ
Hail eChile
: )

mwolf Day 1,849, 02:25


BOUD1CCA Day 1,849, 03:27

There used to be a place called New Zealand. Well the name is still there but the essence is gone, replaced.
We do have a problem with Chile - but it will pass willingly or unwillingly they will leave.
We just are not clever like "kiwis" we can only fight - we don't know how to bargain & sell ourselves
I am glad you are providing them with a bridge & giving them a bonus. A bit sad you had no real say in it : (

Tasmaryn Day 1,849, 03:30

@Louise Brooks

We look after our allies interests not just our own. We don't need Otago for bonuses so happilly let them use it for theirs.

Crusadercarl Day 1,849, 04:12

I have no problems with letting eChile retain Otago.

It might be a pain come congress time but is well worth it to help out an ally that's growing stronger by the day.

I would also much rather eChile hold Otago than have eArgentina holding all our regions.

Crusadercarl Day 1,849, 04:19

"There used to be a place called New Zealand. Well the name is still there but the essence is gone, replaced."
We're a very small country Louise. Despite our size we have a p impressive military record and have enjoyed quite a bit more freedom than most. Why is this? Allies. It's the only weapon small countries have.

We have always had amazing support from eSerbia for obvious reasons and also have always had good relations with eIndo.

Crusadercarl Day 1,849, 04:24

We have stood with eChile against eArgentina for quite a while now and thanks to eChiles babyboom we will now have a powerful friend & ally blocking eArgentina from us. It would be foolish and shortsighted to withhold one useless region from them considering the long term gains of removing such a large threat to us.

It's called playing the game. Hopefully sometime in the next 5 years u eAussies might start playing too. If the last 5 years are an indication I don't hold out much hope.

Crusadercarl Day 1,849, 04:26

And thank you for the article Mr CP:)

Elmasaran Day 1,849, 10:57

Thanks NZ,
Otago will be in good hands, we will take care of it to return it back to your hands
hail NZ

Plitvicki Inspektor
Plitvicki Inspektor Day 1,849, 11:49

Good decision!!!

Crusadercarl Day 1,849, 12:05

One option would possibly asking eChile for New South Wales. Not to sure how we'd go in the RWs but eAussie would then be fighting eChile RWs & our RWs so maybe that would also help eChile while providing us with a cattle region.

I can't see the map but I don't believe it disrupts eChile supply lines...

Francisco Santelices L
Francisco Santelices L Day 1,849, 12:48

Hail NZ!
Hail Chile!
Hail CoT!


sawone93 Day 1,849, 15:54


Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,850, 03:13


BOUD1CCA Day 1,850, 13:25

Hey Crusadercarl \o/ on one level what you say is sensible but on another if fails big time.
One thing I would ask - does Chile pay you rent for looking after that "useless" region. If they do then things are cool - if they don't, well that shows you how NZ stands in the scheme of things.
Chile used to be our friends once, we fought on their side against "evil Argentina" but all is shifting sands in eRep. Better to stand for a principle - even though it costs

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