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Presidential Address 1 [Joshua M]

Day 2,178, 15:57 Published in Norway Norway by Joshua Morriseau

Well there was stiff competition this term but thanks to all of you good Norwegian people I have managed to win the Presidential elections! I firstly want to thank all of my supporters who have backed me and helped me up until now. I couldn't have achieved this without you. Here is the final cabinet list for this month.

Updated Cabinet:

Prime Minister -Indigovado95

Governing Council -WP Attak, Akashaton

Asgard Representatives- Joshua Morriseau, Indigodavo95, Akashaton, Jasper Zuidema, WP Attak

Minister of Defence (MoD) -Indigodavo95
Vice Minister of Defence (vMoD) -G. Admiral Thrawn

Minister of Finance (MoF) -Akashaton
Vice Minister of Finance (vMoF) -WP Attak

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) -Jasper Zuidema

Minister of Immigration (MoI) -ivan europe

Minister of Education and Solidarity (MoE&S) -Sky 33

Here is what I will be looking to achieve and do this term in the following Ministries.

Ministry of Defense: Obviously I am already being challenged my first day as President. We have sadly been left with no regions thanks to the greed of the UK and Lithuania. We are going to work hard to achieve our independence and to see ourselves back on the map as well as working to fight for the freedom of Asgard and to help our natural allies those being Canada, Netherlands and Ireland.

Ministry of Finance: This term I want to discuss with the government about the possibility of playing with money on the market to make more money. Many countries do this and sometimes are able to bring in more cash to the state than taxes. I will be looking to give WP Attack a bit of cash to start doing this. If we like how it is going than we can look to invest more. This will all be discussed with the government and Congress before going ahead of course.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The fall of CoT has opened up incredible opportunities for us. It is only a matter of time before a new alliance emerges which is exciting in many ways. Will we be apart of it? Will it lead to members leaving TWO? These are things we need to think of. In the survey I put out during my campaign 63.64% of the people who responded agreed with the recent plan to have 12 MPP's at all times. Once we are back on the map I will be looking to continue this.

As well 90.91% agreed that they liked being in Asgard and wanted to stay however with a new alliance likely to be formed soon I will make sure we are apart of all talks going on. As well 54.55% wanted to try to work on better relations with select TWO and TWO friendly nations. This is a slight majority so this is something that will be addressed carefully with the government as we look to expand our allies.

Home Affairs: 90.94% agreed that weapon and food packages should be handed out by the state. However there was different percentages that agreed it should only be done in times of war, we should but find a way to pay other than taxes, and some who say yes and we should raise taxes to pay for it. This is something that will be looked at carefully this term as I would like to be able to give our citizens weapons and food.

Games and Fun: We need to start bringing back the fun to the game, especially for our younger citizens. Im thinking of doing state sponsored quizzes and riddle with prizes for our citizens. We could host "Norwegian Blitz" where we could pick a time and during that time if you achieve a certain amount of damage you will be rewarded with prizes. We could have games like "Use a Rocket on the Brits" or if you log onto the IRC during a certain hour prizes will be handed out. All will be things i will be looking into to help make Norway a better and more fun place for everyone to live. This would need a bit of a budget of course so it will need to be discussed with the rest of the government.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and see the direction I would like to take Norway in this term. A bigger emphasis on expanding our alliance network, getting us back on the map, helping our allies, handing out food and weapons packages and hosting games and contests for our citizens. Here is to making my first elected Presidential term a success for all of us!

Please join us on #eNorway @Rizon!

As always don't forget to V,S&S!

Friendly Regards,

Joshua Morriseau


Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 2,178, 16:12

Looking forward to Norway getting back on the map.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,178, 16:14

As am I!

taulen Day 2,178, 16:32

Remember to not spend any money on new "projects" before they have been approved of congress, I can see you have very liberal view in regards of spending state money...

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,178, 17:57

Please give everything another read taulen, I can see you didn't take the time to properly read everything I wrote.
"This would need a bit of a budget of course so it will need to be discussed with the rest of the government."
"This is a slight majority so this is something that will be addressed carefully with the government as we look to expand our allies."
"This will all be discussed with the government and Congress before going ahead of course."
Everything I put whether It was about spending money or not I put it would be discussed with the government first so I don't understand where your concerns lay. The singing of the 12 MPP's is already law so nothing new is being done there as well.

I hope that clears up any concerns you may have with me and Norway's treasury. I will not bankrupt Norway just to hand out supplies and prizes. I have always been for openness and more transparency between governments and people and will always ask the governments opinions on any programs I would like to introduce. And when I say "government" I mean the entire government including Congress. If you look as well the last time I was President of the Netherlands that even if It was only 7 days I took the initiative to save/raise money and brought in and left the state with a surplus of 110 gold raised in just 7 days.

Indigodavo95 Day 2,178, 18:02

"Prime Minister -Indagovado95" who is this Indagovado95?

good work! let's get norway back on the map ^^

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,178, 18:06

Sorry, fixed it! I even double checked your name to make sure haha

Thedillpickl Day 2,178, 18:19


WP Attak
WP Attak Day 2,178, 19:06


Fettis Day 2,178, 22:03

Have a good term! o/

Martin Robstad
Martin Robstad Day 2,179, 01:14

Hope this is the start of something good !

Georgij Zjukov
Georgij Zjukov Day 2,179, 06:06

Looking forward to a month of advancement!

John Guerreiro
John Guerreiro Day 2,179, 07:15

You are now our ePresident and we will try to help you and help eNorway with our possibilities.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,179, 12:43

Thanks John for your support, together we can accomplish anything!

Yetlanesi Day 2,179, 13:03

Voted and subd.


Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,179, 13:08

Thank you!

Akashaton Day 2,179, 13:18

o/ 😃

Jasper Zuidema
Jasper Zuidema Day 2,179, 15:35

Congrats mate, look forward to working with you!

Erius Day 2,179, 23:17

Graz from eFinland! (:

WhiteTemplar Day 2,180, 01:31

Gratz bro! 😃 o7

MrVmax Day 2,180, 14:52


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