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PP Elections

Day 2,186, 09:52 Published in India India by Dhanush Tripathy

My Third article, yep third one in 500 days.

This time it's because i'm running for PP elections in YUUVA.

So everyone vote for me.
There are some plans to be implemented, mostly old ones which have closed down.
It will mostly be started after a week, so patience my friends.
I will try to make YUUVA more active and eIndia more livelier.

Votes and Subs will be appreciated.



AnishJain Day 2,186, 11:11

Hail Yuuva!!!!

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,186, 22:02

Best of luck...

Dhanush Tripathy
Dhanush Tripathy Day 2,187, 01:19


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