PP Election Returns 10/15/19

Day 4,347, 21:35 Published in USA USA by hcmadman

Date: 21:00 Day 4347
By: Hcmadman

With about 3 hours left to run the results could change, but the likely winners can already be spotted. There are a few things to be gleaned from the T10 parties this go around.

Federalist Party: Far from a cut and dry race, this parties field of candidates are all over the place. The incumbent has decline to run again so this adds further uncertainty to the mix.

At this hour Cthulhu is 25 percentage points ahead and appears to be the winner in a field of six contenders.

SFP: shiloh13 has dominated the race with nearly 80% of the vote, sending a clear mandate for the way this party has been run.

WTP: In another show of support for leadership style Jenkins67 looks to handily win another term as PP with greater than 2/3 of the vote at this hour.

The Party Formerly Known As USWP: In a bit of a shakeup Andy 'Invade Serbia' Dufresne looks to be edged out by Animis.

This would prove to be a major upset for the long term PP of the Constitution Party, this race is still VERY close at this hour.

BSP: The ever reliable Henry William French looks to easily win another term as leader of the flock.

EPU: The party that the admins won't let have congressmen has re-elected Cubby without opposition.

AMP: Likewise AMP has unanimously re-elected Eric Vanderberg.

EZCP: In a bit of an unexpected result the party who thinks the government is a battlefield stands to elect a Federalist refugee to its most treasured office. WhydoIbotherToo looks to win by 3/5 of the vote.

OFU: The old farts are tooting right along with Joshua A Norton sliding right into another term as PP unopposed.

ALP: The American Liberty Party is pimpin, electing PimpDollaz to another term.

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