Power spin + Resistance Wars / Travel cost changes + Lvl 300

Day 4,605, 03:37 Published in Turkey Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,
Hope you are well and keeping safe 😉
Here are some news that we have in our eWorld in these days (both global and personal) 😉

Power Spin for 2 days

In short:
Plato gave us Power spin again 😉
Be smart, and don't lose all your cc on this 😃
It will be here for 2 days, D4605 and D4606.

Prizes you can get:

Free spin 🙂
1x Tripple energy bar
2x Energy bar
+50% damage booster for 10 minutes
100 Prestige points
3x AIM-92 stingers
1x Small bomb
x5 Damage Accelerator for 10 minutes
+100 Energy center for 7 days
+1 Prestige Points for 10 minutes

Jackpot 1: 100% damage booster for 24h
Jackpot 2: +500 Energy center valid for 7 days
Jackpot 3: 500 golds

NOTE: Triple bars and stingers expire in 2 weeks: Day 4,620, 23:59

The calculation depends on the price of gold and how much you cherish other rewards you can get on your way to those jackpots.
500 golds (prices went down, cos ppl want to spin 😃) - in the morning was around 610 cc, now dropped to 564 cc..
Let's say it drops to 550 cc per gold = 275 000 cc (275k-300k cc)
So if you really have extra cc, spin and spend. I wish you good luck on that.
But if you don't have as much, I recommend saving. If for nothing else, then to be able to travel 😃 As Plato introduced some new changes which start today..
More on that in the second part of this article.

Resistance Support and Travel Cost

Source: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/latest-updates D4602

From today (D4605) we have some new changes introduced related to traveling.
And from tomorrow (D4606) related to Resistance wars.

Cost of Travel

Starting Day 4,605 [00:00], the cost of traveling will no longer be based on travel zones, but on the actual distance (in km) between cities.

The base travel cost will be 10 units of currency per 100 kilometers. When traveling with currency, a minimum cost of 20 currency will be deducted, even if the distance is shorter than 200km.

Travel tickets will allow distances based on their quality, each quality providing 1000km of travel range. Multiple tickets will be used if necessary.

Important note: In order for the citizens to adapt their economic strategy to this change, all ticket offers have been withdrawn from the market and the tickets have been returned to the citizens’ inventories.

Travel range of tickets
Q1 Tickets: 1000 km
Q2 Tickets: 2000 km
Q3 Tickets: 3000 km
Q4 Tickets: 4000 km
Q5 Tickets: 5000 km

Traveling from Lombardy to Kirde-Eesti: 2,001 Km
2x Q1 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q2 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q3 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q4 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q5 Travel Tickets OR
200 currency

The other mechanics related to travel will remain unchanged.

Resistance wars

Starting day 4,606 [00:00], Resistance Wars will be added to the battle queue of the region once the number of supporters is gathered, and it will start unless the region returns to the original owner.

Citizens will now be able to support a Resistance War in any region if at least 24 hours have passed since the original owner has lost control over it.

Region X of country A is under occupation by country B.
The resistance force of country A gathers the required supporters.
The resistance force will be added to the queue.

Scenario 1:
Country B has an ongoing battle with Country C in Region X.
After the battle between B and C is finished, a new battle will start opposing the resistance force and the winner of the previous battle.

Scenario 2
Country B has an ongoing battle with Country A, the original owner in Region X.
If Country B wins the battle, a new battle will start between the resistance force and Country B.
If Country A wins the battle the resistance force will disband and the resistance war will close.

The other mechanics related to Resistance Wars remain unchanged.

What else is new? Titty DC in search of his balls!

Well, I got info that Titty DC still looks for his balls and that he put head hunting on my dear Rabbits..
That alone speaks enough for himself - as he is not able to solve issues he has with 1 single person from my MU, but instead wants to give cc to ppl who will take down all my military unit members from SH..
What can I say on that.. Cowardly move, but once again he shows that this is his way - as he has shown many times already, insults and coward moves. And to try to buy revenge (or insult me on a personal basis to get to that 1 player), as he still didn't find the balls he is searching for and can't do stuff himself. Is a pity, but what can we do 😃 In most cases way how we play this game shows what kind of person we are RL too, that I have learned 😉

So I invite all of you either to join us in Flying Rabbits Elite MU (just send me an PM and you will get an invite), OR hunt us 😃
Either way, you will help to make Titty DC poor 🙂
So let's empty his imaginary cc wallet 😃

And from me, personal message to him: You can try mess with my dear Rabbits - but I will show you once again that I have teeth as well 😉
Only too bad that toxic cowards like you don't taste so good 😃

This is SPARTAAAA! Finally, level 300!

Yessss! After 595 days from creating my acc here on eRepublik - I've finally got to the Sparta level! Wooohooo! :rabbitdance:

So in 4 days I will get those 300 strength and finish another mission here 😉
For those who need a reminder on the Level 100-2000 Missions - check out my last article 😉

Iva pozitiva on twitch.tv - Soon the followers goal No. 1 is reached

I wanted to say thank you, to all who followed me on twitch.tv platform, soon I will hit the milestone of 50 followers there - which will make me 1 step closer to the Affiliate status on their platform.


And check it out - I've added some new stuff, and now also there is a counter to my next stream 😉
If you will have eRepublik related questions, feel free to drop by 😉
Also if you just want to have some fun and games with us 🤗

That's all, folks 😉

Samo jako!
Samo pozitivno!
is in the

Yours truly (and still smiling 😉 )
Rabbit of Caerbannog