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Day 1,903, 15:19 Published in USA USA by Artela

The United States Workers Party is pleased to announce the endorsement of John Killah for Country President!

John Killah has 100% backing from USWP having come through the Party Primary process with a convincing win.

John Killah has been a long time member and two-time former party president of the American Military Party and a many time Congress member (including multiple terms as Speaker of the House). He is active in the USAF military, currently serving in the Ultramarines. He has spent the last month as Vice President, has performed many departmental head roles prior to this past month, and he is well versed in both the Military and Media modules and hopes to bring this experience to the White House.

John’s Team

John has built a good, strong team with a mix of experienced and newer people to ensure that what needs to be done will get done and that there is some continuity between terms under different PotUS’, especially in foreign affairs and alliance matters, while also bringing in some newer blood and fresh ideas.

The PotUS Campaign Series media articles, straight from John Killah to you

1) – Origins and the Leadership Team
2) – External Matters and the Foreign Policy Team
3) – Fighting Internal Threats and the Domestic Team
4) – Final words and thoughts

A final note

There are other candidates running, but none of them have the endorsements of all four of the top mainstream parties - AMP, the Feds, USWP and WTP are all endorsing John Killah. Now is not the time to let our guard down by electing any of the candidates who allow the AFA to have far too much influence - now is the time to remain strong, remain unified, and vote for the Unity Candidate, John Killah.

All the best

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Recommended Reading:
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| White House Press Room | Pony Express | eNPR Radio |

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IDEIAS Day 1,903, 15:28

Voted article

and voted tomorow JK o/

for American free.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,903, 15:47

Yay John!

Viarizi Day 1,903, 16:18


"for American free."


Viarizi Day 1,903, 16:25



IDEIAS Day 1,903, 16:38


First, you would learn to be better people, than to learn English, because for better or worse, my English is still that of a translator means, now think of someone who tries at all costs to take other what is not yours, it is more difficult to perceive and understand, than my bad english.

Try to be someone respected in this life, in this case, in this game, and then come after me to learn to speak English. ; )

This conversation reminded me of an anecdote, in which the mother turns to the son in law and says:

Old: You're a drunk.
Man: And you are so ugly my ssenhora.
Old: Your drunk. Are not you ashamed of being always in this state? You never changes.
Man: Dumb yes ma'am, I wake up tomorrow and drunkenness already passed me, now you can wake up the days you want, you can do whatever you want until the surgery, which will never cease to be so ugly.

poorly compared this anecdote applies here a bit.
Because before you criticize others, you may want to look at ourselves and see the flaws we have.
For the other point, something we ourselves have worse, turns out to be, throwing rocks into the air, and they can fall on you.
I hope my English (a translator), take for you to understand, because so far, all I have spoken with, they send me that while not proper English, he realizes perfectly, but apparently, it is easier to point errors other than to acknowledge mistakes ourselves. ; )

redbirdusa Day 1,903, 18:34


Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Day 1,903, 19:31

This will be one interesting election

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,903, 19:49



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,903, 22:23

Artela, you are not even an American.

and V is more of one than you will EVER be.

Artela Day 1,903, 22:54

RGR: I thought you liked immigrants? Oh, that's right, only the ones prepared to follow you down your misguided path. LOL. Grow up!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,904, 02:31

the fact that you do not understand the sanctity of marriage shows you are the misguided one.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,904, 03:56

Day 1,903, 22:54
'RGR: I thought you liked immigrants? Oh, that's right, only the ones prepared to follow you down your misguided path. LOL. Grow up!'

Says the 'green card' America who has her lips attached to Pfeiffer's postier as he leads you down the prim rose path. Get smart....

VampirisLav Day 1,904, 09:49

Another zombie yankee for potus, megasoreass the 'murican dinosaurus!

Blackbower Day 1,904, 10:57

I can't vote for someone I don't know and who's avatar would have made me feel sorry even when I was 12...
End of the story, no blabla needed.

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,904, 11:10

Good luck

NaruKaizer Day 1,904, 14:18




uekt Day 1,904, 15:13

VOTE Candor for President of the United States!

uekt Day 1,904, 15:13


Winter Night
Winter Night Day 1,904, 17:21

Candor is the true UNITY candidate, an eAmerican who wants to bring all eAmericans together and get them working for eUnited States instead of narrow party or personal interests.

There is no PTO...that acronym is used only as a fear- and hate-mongering method against AFA.

Vote Candor! 🙂

USMarineCorps Day 1,904, 20:54

Vote John Killah ***FEEL the AMPS***

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