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Pony Express Day 1787 - Round up of the last week

Day 1,787, 08:13 Published in USA USA by The Pony Express

Dateline : Thursday, Oct 11, 2012 (Day 1787)
Location: White House Press Room

The Pony Express spotlights the best of the US (and sometimes foreign) media.
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News from The White House
Imagine that, the Pony Express promoting the White House...

Chairman of the Board Pfeiffer (center) is flanked by fellow Terrible Elitists Maxx Johnson, Custer, John Jay and Dr Luis.

Wednesday's edition is written by Co-SecMed Civil Anarchy.

White House Press Room
:: Yesterday's WHPR: Calm Before the Elections
1. CTRL elects new Executive Council
2. Admins implement change allowing name changes
3. War Map and Analysis

eNPR Oval Office Radio
:: Last Night's Show: eNPR presents fireside chats with President Arundel

Reflections on playing the game...

Appeal To Reason by Dio Killing Time: Arrested Development And A Series Of Likely Explanations
A reflection on MMORPG’s and eRepublik


A couple of good recent articles for newbs to eRepublik

Please Awesome, Enter by EnterAwesome: Power to the Newbs

Fresh Milk by Duncan Crowe: Duncan’s Musings on Epicness (Dear Newbs)


As G as it Gets by Alexander_Auctoritas:: (CTRL) October Executive Council
The latest news from our alliance; CTRL.

The lighter side of eRepublik

A couple of nice humorous articles, included for no other reason than that they made me laugh

Mic check by Leuch: You are here
A lighter hearted look at playing eRepublik

Arme, frunze si flori by Metaphysics: Interview with a common US citizen
Parody time...

Help Wanted:
"Young, skinny, wiry fellows, not over eighteen. Must be expert writers, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred."
Not kidding. We are still looking for active talent for the White House Press Corps. Orphans preferred.

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Artela Editor, Pony Express


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Pony Express Day 1787
Round up of the last week



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Blue Holt Day 1,787, 08:21


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George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,787, 08:54

it's a beautiful thing!

DokJon Day 1,787, 13:24


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DMV3 Day 1,787, 20:04

Artela will always be America's queen.

Izzat Reich Day 1,789, 02:01

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