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PolitiCat : The Pros and Cons of using the forum

Day 1,878, 10:43 Published in Belgium Belgium by Raskol the Malicious

Dear readers,

Some of you may have noticed that the forum is the heart of a polemical debate between the pro-forum and the pro-ingame. But what are the pros and cons of using the forum ?. Should we give up the forum for more interactions ingame ? Should we give more importance to the forum ? This article will answer to those questions while trying to observe a strict neutrality.

Every single nation of the New World has its own forum. And none of them do not use it as a plateform for political and military concerns. Actually, there are some exceptions like North Korea which has no forum and no official irc channel. But as you may know, internet is higly restricted in this area of the real world.
The use of a forum has then shown all its interest. Whether in a diplomatic, military, political or even in a fun way. The forum is a really useful plateforum where informations can be shared quickly and seen by the aimed people.

That is why the Congress's debates take place on the forum and not IG. The comments's section in the Media Module isn't made nor appropriate for constructive debates. In the forum, the voting area and the debate area are just two clicks far from each other. You can easily check the arguments given by other Congress Members and then make your own opinion on the law proposed. In eBelgium, all citizens have the opportunity to participate in the debate in order to give their own opinion.

Then, as a little country, eBelgium is non-stop under a potential threat of PTO from foreign countries. This threat force us to be vigilant towards every citizenship's application. In order to investigate on every case and decide if whether or not we should give the belgian citizenship to the applicant, a reserved area is necessary for the Congress Members and the members of the governement. Just as real life.

Thirdly, the forum gives the possibility to the governement to keep some citizens programs running. For example, the citizen packs section where you can ask for 10 q6 foods and 2 q6 weapons everyday. The forum prevent from spamming with daily messages sent to the citizen in charge of the supply (currently Stijn Puttemans). But you can also request a loan to the State if you prove that you need it with screenshots, which would not be possible IG.

Finally, the forum creates a concrete community. It's even more than this, the forum is the community. You can share your experience with newbies, ask for help or advices, talk about IRL stuff, organize IRL meetings and much more. The forum is improving the relations between the citizens thanks to its FUN section and help keeping a good ambience in the country. The forum is the social part of the game, where you can meet and create ties with people.

To sum up, the forum is the second skin of eRepublik.

As said just above, the forum is the second skin of eRepublik. But at what cost ?

The forum isn't just a place for the Congress to discuss about laws and immigration's concerns. The forum became the Congress. We made the forum so vital that if you don't log on the forum, you won't enjoy the game at all. You wouldn't be aware of what is happening in the Congress nor within the governement. And if you're lucky enough to be elected congress member without visiting the forum, some people start bashing you because of your absence on the forum. "But why do you force me to log on a forum if I just wanted to enjoy eRepublik and nothing more ?". This question is rightful and must be seriously taken into account. We don't have the right to force people to pay attention to "extra-eRepublik" websites to enjoy the game. As a consequence, decisions are made by the ones who are ready to spend more time on eRepublik than others.

Then, the activity gained on the forum is somewhat the activity lost IG. Since interactions are made on the forum, people won't see the point in making debates or discussions IG, which could be turned into more articles and a increasing number of newspapers. Unfortunately, most of the interactions are taken "far away" from the Media Module and once again, people willing to enjoy a game without involving themselves into some sort of extra-game community are "bashed".

Finally, the debate is mostly animated by the Cons since they are the ones who are disadvantaged by the importance of the forum and that's how oppositions are always born. If some people find that there is a bad ambience or too much tension IG, that is probably because of that. The opposition is gathering and becoming a real political force in a rightful way. That is why I would avoid the term of PTO but rather use the term of (rightful) opposition.



Kaad Day 1,878, 10:57


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,878, 11:46


Genesis X
Genesis X Day 1,878, 12:07


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,878, 13:46

Very good article. Thanks.

Cotarius Day 1,878, 21:08


NLSP Day 1,879, 00:43

good article ^^

Teddy beer eBe
Teddy beer eBe Day 1,879, 00:59

" ... the citizen packs section where you can ask for 20 q6 foods and 4 q6 weapons everyday."

Your article need an update.

" From day 1828 onwards, the citizen pack content will halve and will be offered daily to each eBelgian citizen below level 30. Decrease from 20 Q6 food to 10 Q6 food per citizen pack and from 4 Q6 weapons to 2 Q6 weapons per citizen pack as discussed and voted in congress."

Raskol the Malicious
Raskol the Malicious Day 1,879, 01:11

@ Programme Tvvince : Thank you !

Jeiry Day 1,879, 01:40

Good articles that seems to draw a fair picture of the situation. Thank you for that paper.
Just two remarks, probably influenced by my own situation :

1. "As a consequence, decisions are made by the ones who are ready to spend more time on eRepublik than others."
-> The players that joined the forum are not necessarely the ones that spend most time with the game. It may be a kind of tendancy, but it's not synonymous. I bet I'm more connected to the game than 90% of the players going on the forum.

2. The whole last paragraph.
-> To me, this discussion is not a matter of politics and should not be seen as an "opposition" stuff. Even though it became a political discussion drawn by the parties, it's a pity : it should be up to every player's principles. I personnaly don't feel like taking a position in favor or against political opposition by expressing my views over this matter.

Besides these two points, I agree with what your say.

(to be continued)

Jeiry Day 1,879, 01:41

My point of view is simple :
100% of the players are on eRepublik (^^), and they all should have the same right to play all the aspects of the games without going to external site made by players.
I know the advantages of a forum, and having one is an awesome idea to add FACULTATIVE things to the game : fun, social, helping tools,...
The bad part is that the people involved into forums went too far in their ideas, creating rules and habits that made it mandatory to play some aspects of the games, without thinking of if their action and its consequences were a good or a bad thing on a matter of principles : puting aside of the game the players that don't want to go on the forum. I don't talk about social interactivities (that are a facultative "plus" to the game), I'm talking about real basic game play : being a politician, ...

Yes for a forum... but a balanced forum, a facultative one, that knows its purpose and that is smart enough to see what should be its gaming limits !

Anyway, thank you for the nice article Raskol.

Boklevski Day 1,879, 04:31

You forgot as "Pros" any discussion between Shadowukcs and - for example - aVegan or the Supreme Court.

... really, it's priceless.

Pertazeta Day 1,879, 04:42


Gyantse Day 1,879, 05:29


Rexdeus Day 1,879, 05:45


Olv007 Day 1,879, 06:40

Nice article

shadowukcs Day 1,879, 08:41


A forum is only good if it's used as a neutral grounds for free speech, not as means by one club to make attempts to block people who share a different opinion than theirs or to used as a powertool by corrupt forum administrators. Something it is today.

No wonder you see people distancing themselves from the forum. Those who don't agree with the ones holding power on the forum get banned.

Alexandross Day 1,880, 04:37


Backwards Day 1,880, 04:43

It's all BS, folks. And it's bad for ya.

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