Political improvement

Day 3,863, 01:07 Published in Romania Romania by costin1989

Hi everybody!

I see that eRepublik political activity is lower and lower. It becomes something uninteresting, something that nobody cares, an activity where nobody involves energy and creativity.

Why are we here? Because more or less, nothing can be changed through politics. Even if you win presidential elections a coup can be started and president can be replaced by the dictator and congress dismissed. And of course there are a lot of other reasons.

What I propose to Plato?
1) Top 5 parties to get financial support from Plato proportional with the election results.

2) Members of political parties to be able to pay membership fee and party president to be able to set the amount.

3) Speaker of a political party to have access and to be able to manage a newspaper.

4) Secretary general to have access and to be able to manage an organization (only financial part).

5) Of course mayor elections to be implemented

What do you think about them? Do you have other suggestions?