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Day 737, 14:07 Published in Greece Greece by George Vlachos

Edw kai liges wres dexomaste epitheseis apo sta voreioanatolika twn ellhnikwn synorwn mas me thn Toyrkia.
H geitonos xwra gia akomh mia fora prokalei tis ellhnikes dynameis prospathontas na mas apodynamwsei kai na prosartisei nea edafh ypo thn katoxh ths.
Oloi mazi mporoyme na deiksume ti mporoyme na kanume...Hdh h maxh einai me to meros mas omws gia na exoyme akomh mia fora epityxh apotelesmata prepei na prospathisoyme kai allo..oloi mazi...

Gia akomh mia fora h Ellada prepei na antistathei stoys varvaroys.



Biron Day 737, 14:19

Mporei na einai antiperispasmos omos 😉

Meletis Day 737, 14:19

Εντολες Μάχης

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moican Day 737, 14:19

prepei oloi mazi na diavasoume ta battle orders kai na mhn kanoume tou kefaliou mas!.....oi geitones kanoun paixnidakia....PROSOXH DIAVASTE OLOI TA BATTLE ORDERS!

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 14:49

&quot;A crab is no fish, and a Greek is no man...&quot; &gt;Russian proverb&gt;

kikooo Day 737, 14:52

yeah well onur, you have no idea about both countries.. you are a turk! so f*off in your asian country!!!

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 14:53

'Hence you will not say that Greeks fight like heroes but that heroes fight like Greeks'
Winston Churchill

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 14:58

''The Greeks - dirty and impoverished descendants of a bunch of la-de-da fruit salads who invented democracy and then forgot how to use it while walking around dressed up like girls.''

....PJ O'Rourke (American journalist, and writer)

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:00

- How can any educated person stay away from the Greeks? I have always been far more interested in them than in science.

Albert Einstein, Jewish-American scientist

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:01

&quot;During the war British high command wanted to give the soldiers on the front gas masks. The soldiers protested &quot;The Turks are clean fighters. They don't use gas.&quot;

[The Britische Orientalist, Aubrey Herbert wrote in his famous book &quot;Mons, Anzac &amp; Kut ANZAC, 1915&quot; . Monday, August 16th, 1915. No. 2

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:03

- The Russian people will always be grateful to the Greeks for delaying the German army long enough for winter to set in, thereby giving us the precious time we needed to prepare. We will never forget

Joseph Stalin, in an open letter read frequently on Radio Moscow during the war

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:04

&quot;The Turkish sniper understood that we were searching for him. He shot once and the doctor got wounded. When he realized that he was a doctor, he didnt shoot again.

[ Exerted from Sydney Alexander Moseley, former war correspondent during the Gallipoli Campaign ]

gkali Day 737, 15:05

&quot;A worthy man is still worthy even penniless, a donkey is a donkey even if he is finely saddled&quot;
should ring you a bell, shouldn't it

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:05

- If there had not been the virtue and courage of the Greeks, we do not know which the outcome of World War II would had been.

Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

TalosCR Day 737, 15:06

&quot;Scratch a Turk, and you will find a Mongol&quot;

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:06

''While remembering the Great Chief, the brave soldier and the creator of Turkey in respect, Greece will never forget the fact that President Kemal Atatürk has been the founder of Turkish-Greek peace and cooperation. Greece will always keep the meaningful memory of the Great Deliverer that changed the fate of the noble Turkish Nation.''

General Metaksas, Prime Minister of Greece, 1938

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:10

&quot;If it is true that the violin is the most perfect of musical instruments, then Greek is the violin of human thought&quot;
Helen Keller American writer

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:11

Arabic is a language, Persian is a sweetmeat, and Turkish is an art.
(Persian proverb)

TalosCR Day 737, 15:12

&quot;It's an oxymoron how pigs do not eat pork&quot;

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:14

Turkish people can be killed but they can not be defeated .&quot;

Napoleon Bonaparte

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:15

&quot;Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.&quot;

Statement on the Assassination of Martin Luther King,

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:15

&quot; There is two unknown in the world . One is axles , the other one is Turks &quot;
Albert Sorel (French Historian)

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:18

''Without Greek studies, there is no education''
Leo Tolstoy

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:20

''I have never come accross someone who could inspire more respect than the Greek philosophers''
Friedrich Nietzsche

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:20

''The people think of wealth and power as the greatest fate,
But in this world a spell of health is the best state.
What men call sovereignty is a worldly strife and constant war;
Worship of God is the highest throne, the happiest of all estates.''

(Ottoman Turkish Sultan)

gkali Day 737, 15:20

&quot;My conscience does not accept the insensitivity showed to and the denial of the Great Catastrophe that the Ottoman Armenians were subjected to in 1915. I reject this injustice and for my share, I empathise with the feelings and pain of my Armenian brothers. I apologise to them.&quot;
Online petition by Turkish intellectuals

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:21

''If in the library of your house you do not have the works of the ancient Greek writers, then you live in a house with no light''
George Bernard Shaw

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:22

We Turks are incredible.. We killed 1.5 million armenians when there were 1.2 million ... !!!

Great Turkish man İvedik

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:22

''We accepted the fact that he was not an ordinary man and that we had not been able to understand his creative power after he threw away the English, the French and the Italian from Anatolia and defeated us.''

Yorgi Pesmazoglu, Greek Minister of Economics

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:23

''The world is the expanding Greece and Greece is the shrinking world''
Victor Hugo

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:25

' In the struggle with the French, with his wide vision and understanding, he has forced them to cease weapons and return to Marseille although they had the intention to invade Killikia and had other ambitions in Asia.

The war Mustafa Kemal prepared and conducted in Anatolia has become a great success with the trust and belief he created among his nation. All the world admired this. Mustafa Kemals brilliant war strategies, indestructable determination and desire ruled the war from its beginning till its end.''

F.Perrone Di San Martino, Italy

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:26

''I forbid the press to underestimate the Greeks, to defame them... The Fuhrer admires the bravery of Greeks''
Joseph Goebbels

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:28

''Greece is the mother of science and the source of knowledge''
Moses of Chorene

soliopoulos Day 737, 15:28

''turks are mongols''


Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:29

It should not be forgotten that Kemal has shown a brilliant strategy at Dumlupınar and has succeeded in making use of the Turkish forces that were less in number.

What the Greek army faced is an exceptionally rare defeat that only a few occupying armies have witnessed in history.

General Charles Sherill, Former Ambassador of U.S.A.

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:29

&quot; The unique thing Turks like is justice and truth . And they suffered from wrong although they did not do any wrong . &quot;
William Pitt (English Statesman)

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:31

''Of all people, Greeks have dreamt the dream of life best''
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

e-petros Day 737, 15:31

Γιουσουφάκι σουβλιστό καιρό έχουμε να φάμε :Ρ:Ρ:Ρ

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:33

&quot; I'm talking about the Turks. Resemble a cruel hurricane and a tremendous sea and a merciless thunderbolt while attacking its enemy . Turks are like dawn wind and clea lake beside friends and again unarmed enemies . Deterrence of this open hearted wind and turning this glaring lake into an enthusiastic sea will be carelessness that will also offend the nature. &quot;
Tasso (Italian Poet)

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:34

''Armies your first goal is the Aegean! Forward!''

Mustafa Kemal ATATURK
August 30 1922

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:34

&quot;For reasons of historical necessity I have to admit that out of all the adversaries who have confronted us The Greeks fought
with bold courage and highest disregard of death&quot;
Adolph Hitler

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:35

&quot;For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks, of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and highest disregard of death.&quot;

Speech in Reichstag, 4 May 1941

gkali Day 737, 15:36

&quot; The unique thing Turks like is justice and truth. And they suffered from wrong although they did not do any wrong.&quot;
Sir Rofl (Rolling On Floor Laughing)

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:37

&quot; Among all the nations , Turks are the most virtuous and they are the only nation with no doubt to strike up a friendship . If you visit a village that is not under foreign influence yet ; you can experience and learn the real hospitality there . &quot;
William Martin

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:37

&quot; According to me , Turks are the most noble and foremost ethnic group and nation among the cocietiesliving in wide empires . Religious , Social &amp; customary virtues are sources of appreciation and admiration . &quot;
Lamartine - French Author , Poet and Statesman

TalosCR Day 737, 15:38

Lets get to the famous eh??

&quot;tyrants of the women and enemies of arts&quot;.

Onur Yayla
Onur Yayla Day 737, 15:39

&quot; I was captive in Poltava . This was a way of death for me , I was saved . Danger occured me powerfully before Dnyester River ; there was water before me ; enemy behind me and the sun sprewing our hells . .. Water claimed to suffocate me , enemy claimed to cut me into pieces and the sun claimed to melt me . I was again saved . However , I'm captive of the Turks . They did me what the iron , heat and water could not do and they captivated me . Merely there is no chain on my leg , I'm not in a prison ; I can do whatever i want .However this time I am the captive of tenderness , nobility and kindness . Turks embrace me with this diamond affection. I want you to know how sweet is to live among a nation that is much generous , noble and kind as an independant captive . &quot;
Charles -- Swedish King ( Taken as a refugee after he fled from the Battle of Poltava with Russians ) ,

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:40

Greece gave the example that each one of us must follow, until the enemies of freedom, wherever in the world they may be, suffer their justified punishment.
William Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:41

Historical justice forces me to admit that among all the enemies who stand against us, the Greek soldier above all, fought with the most courage. He surrendered himself only when the continuation of resistance was not possible any longer, and when he had no reason not to... However, he fought so bravely, that even his enemies can not deny their respect for him... Thus, the Greek prisoners of war were released immediately, having in mind the heroic stance of these soldiers
Adolph Hitler

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:41

In the name of the captured yet still alive French people, France wants to send her greetings to the Greek people who are fighting for their freedom. The 25th of March, 1941 finds Greece in the peak of their heroic struggle and in the top of their glory. Since the battle of Salamis Greece had not achieved the greatness and the glory which today holds.
Charles de Gaulle, President of the French Republic

Efthimios_Pappas Day 737, 15:42

Nobody can say a word against Greek: it stamps a man at once as an educated gentleman.

George Bernard Shaw, Irish-British playwright

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