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Poland: hidden intentions of invading

Day 1,804, 12:03 Published in USA USA by ilyria

It is undisputed that ePolond is taking the world. It has great territory won in battles. Espain also is taking the other world. Espain expansionist desires are in Latin America, to invade and time again throughout their colony again.

eUSA is a big and powerful country, not the most powerful as in the past, but very powerful, it seems that recent presidents have been weak character and allowed the decay of our country.

I remember in 2008 and 2009 a eUSA powerful, dominating half Erepublik. This nation in my opinion and in the few days I've had back is in decay.

Espain ePolond and allies, and also are our "allies". Being a bit suspicious if Espain ePolond and decided to unite to invade would be lost.

In fact, we have already ePolond behind us and already has Nomado Espain southern continent. Let's let the European continent invade us? That Europeans (ePolonia and Espain) taking over the American continent? Where this EUSA? Painted on the wall?

EUSA is trisite see a weak, fearful and without defending their continent.

We should be war with Espain, supporting eColombi and other countries that are invading Espain.

I hope that when we wake of such stupidity is not later



Rona1d Day 1,804, 12:36


Helldarr Day 1,805, 01:42

I like "the other world" most. ^^^

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