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Poland can into SA

Day 883, 16:13 Published in USA Canada by Haliman
Opening Rant

Poland has declared war on our southern neighbour, Mexico.

Fear not, America. If Poland did in fact attack us, we all know what would happen. It would spark World War V.

((For those of you new to Erepublik, a world war is bad. Especially with the current drama on the home-front.))

EDEN and PHOENIX both have hurt feelings towards us. EDEN because we left, and PHOENIX because they suck.

Since Poland has not yet attacked at the publication of this article, there is not much more I can do besides make fun of either alliance.


I jest, I jest. I must warn both countries though. If you wish to attack Mexico, leave the eUSA out of it. If your intentions are to attack us, I must tell you something right now.

We will show you the American spirit each an everyone of us possesses. Be on notice, Poland and Spain. Tune in for more info.

Dear Mr. President...

You fail to acknowledge any of my rants, sir. I voted for you, and yet now I have second thoughts. I agree with your policy for America, but the following MUST be changed:

-All sexiness must be delegated to your cabinet members, lest you draw attention to yourself.

-You agree to issue a public apology about all the kittens you have made frozen in awe.

-Eat this pine cone.

~A Concerned Citizen


Kind of sad we didn't reach our goal yesterday. Not much time to do it, but it's still doable! I'm gonna try to pop out an article a day, so tell your friends about this place 🙂

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~Haliman out~


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