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Poland against Romania

Day 2,324, 11:42 Published in Poland Serbia by Jack Jockson

Day 2321 - 2324

In a war that started last week Romania was hoping to make a decisive victory in battle for Little Poland. Our troops entered a massive battle. Almost million PLN was spent on combat orders, it was the most expensive battle Poland ever had. After initial defeat, Romanian army is disarmed and is fleeing around all over Ukraine.

Now a little advertisement:

7th Cavalry chasing the enemy. Be our guest join us here.

While Poland is winning the war, in other newspaper Gazeta Rzecznika Rzadu is raising funds for Polish airstrike and is calling all readers to donate money directly to president.

So far more than 54 PLN has been raised. Polish airstrike is imminent.


Bardokva Day 2,324, 11:44

Voted! 07

DonaldMcKwacz Day 2,324, 13:12

Our CP have so much money for AS so far!
Send him more!
Send less amount of pln than 0,5 in one time 😉.

Zordacz Day 2,324, 15:14

It's a rather high estimate. I'd say so far more than 0.54PLN has been raised.

Nickvadro Day 2,325, 15:37


ConchitaWurst88 Day 2,326, 02:51

Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki.
Together, for the White People's World!

adamk2 Day 2,326, 03:30

alert doesn't mean PLN 🙂

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