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Please Vote for me, Akashaton for President! (CP) (Re-print #2)

Day 1,903, 13:53 Published in Norway Norway by Akashaton

Vote for me, Akashaton for President! (CP)

If You vote for me. You may get changes if needed.
You will get more freedom and power, with more public
forum votes, concerning the greater matters.

For instance if we some time in the future need to
join Asgard, or other things as important,
I will do my utmost to arrange public forum votes on these
kinds of matters, like I have managed to do before.
Official public [VOTE & DISCUSSION]

I've been vCP some time ago, but sadly this may be my first
time as CP. I don't see this as a disadvantage, it just makes
me more eager to try my best, and I have the greatest advisers,
teachers and Cabinet a man may wish for!

So Please Vote for me and my Grand Cabinet!

Prime Minister, vCP:
Tommy Skaue aka. cherub

Minister of Defense, MoD:

Minister of Foreign Affairs, MoFA:
Sthanley Heykel

Minister of Finance, MoF:

Minister of Education, MoE:
Bob Turkee

Minister of Immigrations, MoI:

Minister of Public Relations, MoPR:

Takk for din stemme, og godt valg!

Thanks for you'r vote, and have a good election!



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