Plato says we are backwards people, part 2. Education system.

Day 449, 03:14 Published in USA Sweden by Misho
This is the second article in a series of articles, it is what you could call a suggestion to the game developers to implement a few things, like an Education system, Airports, Harbours, Railroads, Battle ships, Air craft carriers, Submarines and Tanks and how it could actually be done with few changes and work within the current game mechanics. First out was Industries, presented in the first part.
This second part will be dedicated to Platos suggestion about an education system – enjoy!

Since I’m the Media Award winner of the Swedish Nobel Prize I feel obliged to make articles about the issue instead of just take the core out if it and send a PM to the Admin. I will only post the article here in the US media. The first article was posted in Romanian media but since Romania is facing war I don’t want to occupy their mediaspace.

I hope this one can reach international and be read by citizens from other nations as well, and of course by the game developers, since the suggestions are really made for you Admin. Yes, I should perhaps post something in the suggestion area also.

Since I’ve posted the first article I’ve been contacted by the game developers and got positive responces on several ideas, ideas regarding the war module and raw material distribution. Anyway, what follows here has not been posted anywhere, not even in mails to Admin!

Okay, enough of the background, now let’s plug in to the New World where the two times Noble Price Awarded Misho lives!

Once again Misho will call Platon and we shall listen to their conversation. Turn the volume up and enter the New World we know as Erepublik!


Plato: Yes, Plato speaking?
Misho: Hi old man, Misho here, you told me to call you today so you could continue to tell us why we are backwards people and what we should do about it, remember?
Plato: Of course I do! Are you ready for a lecture?
Misho: To be honest, I’m a bit tired today. Can you keep it short and not so complex?
Plato: No problem!
This is how it works. You can chose four different paths or a mix of them.

* Business and Administration
* Craftsmanship
* Military tactics
* Medicine

By choosing different paths of an education system Plato wants to personalize the citizens in the New World but also encourage them to co-operate better!

You train and work just like normal but you also study one of the three paths on your daily basis. In strength and skill you can reach infinite levels but studying does have its limits.
Misho: Why limits in education but not in skill?
Plato: It’s because of what you guys possess between your ears. You forget things.
The highest level you can reach in any path is degree 12, and you cannot have more than 16 degree levels totally from these paths without forgetting – lose a degree level. So you can in time combine it and have three different degree fives 5 x 3 = 15 15 < 16 two degrees at eight 2 x 8 = 16 or one at twelve 12 + 5 = 17 and since 16 is maximum it doesn’t work.

The skill points for Construction, Manufacturing and Land are not to be confused with the Degree levels.
Are you still awake Misho?
Misho: Zzz, Zzz, Zzz
Plato: Great! I shall now present this degree system more in details. Studying business and administration is good for those with interests of managing business, a citizen with a bachelor degree in business and administration who works for a company will raise the productivity for all other workers working for the same company that same day with 2,5 per cent.
You earn a bachelor degree when you have reached degree level 5. You earn degree points in the same pace as you raise you Skill and Strength points.
At degree level 8 in Business and Administration you get a Master degree and the daily production effect is raised up to 5 per cent for all other workers working for the same company that same day. At degree level 12 – the highest degree level for all four paths – you earn a doctorate in Business and Administration and the effect is 10 per cent.
Exiting isn’t it Misho!
Misho: Zzz, Zzz, Zzz
Plato: The next path we shall focus on is Craftsmanship. This is the path for the really hard workers! The degree levels are the same for all paths you decides to follow; 5, 8 and 12. For the path Craftsmanship you reach Journeyman at level 5, Craftsman at level 8 and Master at level 12. The effects are that you increase you productivity with 25 percent, 50 per cent respectively 100 percent on your daily work.
Now is the time when you shall ask if for example a citizen with Master in Business and Administration with a group of Craftsmen together can increase the production at a company and how much the total effects can be with the perfect combination, so go ahead and ask Misho!
Misho: Okay, I hereby ask what ever you told me to ask!
Plato: A pedagogic in action. The answer my friend is hidden within your self, push it out. Or use a calculator!
Misho: You mentioned Business and administration, Craftsmanship, Military tactics and Medicine. Can you tell me about Military tactics now?
Plato: Indeed you barbarian. Military tactics works just like the other Education systems, it has three levels. Levels that you gain how?
Misho: The same way as I gain Skill and Strength.
Plato: Indeed, and what levels are there?
Misho: Five, eight and twelve.
Plato: Correct, twice in a row. That must be a new record for you!
Misho: Shut the f__k up!
Plato: All right!

Misho: No, continue.
Plato: Pardon, I didn’t hear you, you where saying?
Misho: Please continue telling me about the very interesting new education system in eRepublik that the Admin should implement.
Plato: Very well then! The levels are as you said five, eight and twelve and the advantage is a bonus effect on the Potential Force, for level five 50% bonus, level eight 100% and at level twelve 200% bonus.

This picture of a half naked girl with a rifle shall not disturb you from reading and understanding the text in this article. Take it as a test, the enemy comes in all shapes and forms Plato says.

Misho: Now you can start talking about tanks!
Plato: No, before I’ll start talking about tanks I want to present Airports, Harbours, Railroands and the Navy system.
Misho: You really got ideas for how to implement all that also? And doing all this without destroying the world balance and changing the focus of living in the New World?
Plato: Of course I do, I’m a genius remember.
Misho: At least you think you are..
Plato: Excuse me?
Misho: You are excused Sir!
Plato: (silent)
Plato: (still silent)
Misho: The names! You have no names on the different levels for Military tactics! In Business and Administration you had Bachelor, Master and Doctor, for Craftsmanship you had Journeyman, Craftsman and Master. Why no names?
Plato: Well, the names aren’t that important. And I can’t do all the work for the admin. If George Lemnaru, Cristi Badea, Adi Furk and the rest of the Tevin Solutions team doesn’t recognize the brilliance in these ideas the names won’t make a difference.
Misho: Of course they will, these are awesome ideas and frankly much more in line of what I did expect of this game. It adds complexity, individuality and gives us lots of well thought new content. If they don’t take this under serious consideration you should really turn to Firaxis or some big company.
Plato: Problem is I’ve been dead for almost 2400 years.
Misho: Ehrr, sorry man, but remember what you do today echoes in eternity!
Plato: Please, that was pathetic.
Misho: Sorry, I’m not good at talking to dead people. Should we hurry to Medicine now or is it to late for that?
Plato: For me it’s definitely to late and your problems are more mentally oriented. I think you suffer from schizophrenia. And I wasn’t joking now Misho.
Misho: Come on, if I do, so do you!
Plato: You got a point there.
Misho: I both do!
Plato: the Medicine system, once again 5, 8 and 12. You can collect a maximum of 16-degree levels. So if you have started out walking the path studying Business and Medicine all the way up to Doctorate level – degree level 12. And suddenly feel for start studying medicine then you can study up to degree level 4 (12+4=16) and still be a Doctorate in Business and Administration. But if you want to reach the first Degree level in the new path, level 5 then you must sacrifice one you have already earned and in the case of Business and Administration you drop down from Doctor to Master the very same moment as you earn degree level 5 in Medicine (or Craftsmanship, Military Tactics and so on).
Misho: You are really repeating yourself here; you haven’t started to talk about the Medicine path.
Plato: Remember that even Admin must understand this.
Misho: Oh, tell them to read it twice and perhaps ask their mom or dad to translate it for them!
Plato: Begging for Forfeit points are we?
Misho: Banning me would probably just be doing me a favour.
Plato: Indeed, me to. The Medicine path gives you knowledge of how to live healthy and at degree 5 you earn 2,5% wellness every day, at level 8 you earn 5% and at level 12 you earn 10% and can walk the earth as a monk without having to eat or live in a fancy house and still not die.
Misho: That’s awesome, but still kind of selfish. I though people studied medicine in order to help other people?
Plato: That’s a myth. Girls study medicine in order to marry a doctor and be a spoiled housewife, the ugly ones starts reading Florence Nightingale literature when they have turned 35 and from there on it’s all about cognitive disordonance.
Misho: But what about the doctors then? And besides all nurses aren’t female and all doctors aren’t male.
Plato: The doctors studied medicine in order to marry a beautiful and kinky nurse. Lot’s of them pulls it off but most of them are acctually more or less alcoholics. Just as ironically that smoking is overrepresented among nurses.
Misho: But you want to add wellness to them, it doesn’t sounds very realistic?
Plato: This is the New World, don’t confuse it with realism. And never believe the Admins when they are talking about it.
Misho: Okay, so here in the New World those who studies Medicine earn wellness, but does nothing to acctually treat others?
Plato: Okay, okay, they heal others also. Level 5, 10%, level 8, 30% and level 12, 75%. Which they can use once per 72 hours only. Give them a new button where they have the donate, send friendship request and so on buttons. A heal button!
Misho: Why only once per 72 hours?
Plato: Game mechanics, if they can heal others on daily basis it will be better to send out a group of doctors fighting than a group of soldiers. The doctors would help heal themselves and fight with less wellness boxes and be more efficient fighters than the soldiers.
Misho: I see. Have you calculated these figures optimal now?
Plato: No, honestly I haven’t calculated it at all. I hope the guys at Tevian can do that and fine-tune it. Same goes with Craftsman and Businessmen.
Misho: Okay, you have now presented Industries and Education. I really like these ideas of yours, how can the citizens make sure to not miss out on the next article where you will present, was it Infrastuctures and Transportations?
Plato: They should subscribe to the Onion. It’s a very nice piece of paper and it’s worth more subscribers than those ’subscribe to my paper and I will pay you’ campaigns we see now and then.
Misho: Oh, thanks for the nice words! I’ll try to find some fine pictures and then publish this article in the US media and hope for the best.
Plato: Well, you do that. But try not to use to many pictures, you have a tendency of posting pictures that steals the focus from the actual message – the words written in the article.
Misho: Okay, I shall try not to post some half naked girl with a rifle.
Plato: Good luck I can forsay you will fail!

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