Plato says we are backwards people, part 1. (Part 2 out now in US media!)

Day 447, 09:40 Published in Romania Sweden by Misho
This is the first article in a series of articles, it is what you could call a suggestion to the game developers to implement a few things, like an Education system, Airports, Harbours, Railroads, Battle ships, Air craft carriers, Submarines and Tanks and how it could actually be done with few changes and work within the current game mechanics. First out is Industries. Platos suggestion about an education system will follow in two days and more will come!

Since I’m the Media Award winner of the Swedish Nobel Prize I feel obliged to make articles about the issue instead of just take the core out if it and send a PM to the Admin. I will only post the article here in the Romanian media, since I use to get so many votes and so much positive responses on my articles here in Romania!

I hope this one can reach international and be read by citizens from other nations as well, and of course by the game developers, since the suggestions are really made for you Admin. Yes, I should perhaps post something in the suggestion area also.

Okay, enough of the background, now let’s plug in to the New World where the two times Noble Price Awarded Misho lives!

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Ever since the old world, Beta, we have fought with sticks and stones and already back then our dear advisor Plato said "We are a backward people we cannot let this continue!"

But we did let it continue and where is Plato now? He has left us for a more fancy world!

I called him up yesterday and here is what he said.

Plato: Yes Plato speaking.
Misho: Hi, don’t know if you remember me, Misho from..
Plato: Oh, of course I remember you my dear toy boy I still keep you toothbrush here with hopes for you to return to me for another hot night.
Misho: Uh, I think you must have mixed me with someone else. I'm Misho from Erepublik, you know where you used to be advisor until Socrates or Cesar, don't really remember replaced you.
Plato: Ehrm, oh, sorry *cough* *cough* I though it was my wife playing me a prank.
Misho: Of course sir, I understand. The thing is, you always told us that we where backward people and that we couldn't continue. What do you think we missed?
Plato: Research and Development of course you uneducated ignorant fool! I laughed when I saw your latest war on Television, several soldiers fought with sticks and stones while the most well equipped ones only had pistols! What are you, homo habilis!?
Misho: Televi.., what?
Plato: Never mind, but listen son. Lads without weapons shouldn't be sent out in war. Tell your Gods, not Dio, but the real ones, the Admins that they remove the possibility for a citizen to participate in a fight without having a weapon. You can't let that continue.
Misho: Okay.. but they already have a 50 per cent disadvantage if they have no weapons..
Plato: Disadvantage compared to what!? They really lose nothing if they fight without a weapon. Sending out young lads without weapons on a battlefield without the possibility to lose anything is not the best way of preparing them for the real dangerous out there! How realistic is that!
Misho: Real dangerous, out there..?
Plato: Oh, boy, you have no life now do you...
Misho: I'm not sure if I follow you here, are you talking about wellness..!?
Plato: Ok, you are a hopeless case on that area. Let me help you with the game and let us get back to the Research and Development you so badly need instead. I almost feel like I'm giving a line to a crack whore here but lets God be the judge of tha[...]
Misho: Yes, he returned and is now President in Switzerland! Sorry, you where talking.
Plato: Indeed I where. You need Silos, Sawmills, Oil plants, Mine drills and Steel works.
Misho: We do?

Industries will lead eRepublik to a new revolution says Plato.

Plato: Yes, but it will cost you. Silos and Saw mills has the same cost as a Hospital to build and they need Wood as raw material. Oil plants, Mine drills and Steel works also cost as a Hospital to build but demand Iron as raw material.
Misho: Oh, my! Will this give us the Television thing you mentioned?
Plato: Boy, forget about the Television, that's not good for a weak-minded person as you. Now, listen up and pay attention, this is important stuff for the world you live in!
Misho: Okay, okay, I'm paying attention with all the SEK I have!
Plato: Funny. NOT. Building a Silo for example and placing it in a region will give that region a boost in the Grain factor with 0,3. So if the region has Grain Medium and you place a Q5 Silo there the new production factor for Grain in that region will no longer be 1.0 but 1.0 + 0,3x5.
Misho: Wow, 8,6!!!
Plato: Close but no cigar fool, the correct sum is 2,5.
Misho: Okay, so if we build a Q5 Silo, which would cost..?
Plato: The same as building a Q5 Hospital, same amount of Wood and so on.
Misho: Mmm, right and if we place this Silo in a region with Grain factor 0.1 we will have created a region with a production factor of 0,1 + 0,3x5 = 1,6 right?
Plato: No.
Misho: NO!? I’m sure I have calculated it correctly.
Plato: For once you actually have, but the Silo doesn’t give any positive effect at all if it’s placed in such a desert region as a 0,1 factor region is. Then it’s useless. Same goes with all the other Industries. You can’t place an Oil plant where there is no hope for oil from the beginning; you need at least factor 1 in Oil for it to work. Or Mine drills and Steel works where there are no signs of Diamonds or Iron from the beginning.
Misho: Alright, but if we place let’s say a Q5 Mine drill in a region with High Diamonds, factor 2.0 then the new region factor will be 2.0 + 0,3x5 = 3,5. Right? That’s awesome!
Plato: No.
Misho: You are doing this on purpose, aren’t you?
Plato: Yes.
Misho: Okay, so how would it work if it were placed in a region with High then?
Plato: These industries can’t do magic. The maximum output in a region is 2,5 so if you place a Q5 Mine drill Industry in a region with Diamonds High you won’t get more than 2,5 as out put from it. So you should really settle with a Q2 Industry there instead giving you the same effect, 2+0,3x2= 2,6 and that last 0,1 is gone.
Misho: Okay, but what happens if a region with an Industry is lost in war and change country, will the Industry change to?
Plato: Since you obviously haven’t invented smart bombs yet, any Industry in a region that changes flag will be lost. Basically the same rules that apply for Hospitals and Defence Systems apply for Industries.
Misho: Industries, is that what you call the Saw mills, Iron works, Mine drills, Silos and Oil rigs with a common name, because if it is then I kind of like it.
Plato: Yes, it is, kind of fancy isn’t it?
Misho: Yeah, it gives me a feeling of ’give it to me already!’
Plato: Calm down lad, this is for nations, not individual citizens. You are supposed to Train and Work as usual and of course chose what you want to excel in of course. Get your self an education boy!
Misho: What is it more!?
Plato: Yes, education. Never mind, I realize you have never heard of it. Call me up on Wednesday and I’ll explain it to you. I must go now, I have promised lead an attack against a vampire in World of Warcraft with Socrates. He is obsessed of killing it!
Misho: Good luck Sir, perhaps you can get some help from Romanians, they are good at killing vampires I’ve heard. Vampires are weak against garlic and silver right, perhaps kill him with a Pole through the heart?
Plato: Poles, yes, we need poles. I love poles and Romanians. They are trustworthy, team playing killers!
Misho: Are you sure you’re still talking about World of Warcraft..?
Plato: As I said, Socrates is waiting. Bye!

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