7Th Anniversary Community Contest

Day 2,557, 00:35 Published in Hungary South Korea by Golika
My Dear readers!

You might have noticed the celebration Plato put together for the 7th anniversary of our game. While burning the chocolates, enjoying +70% damage and getting some bombs, you might also notice he announced a competition on the forums:


You’re asked to do a short story with the following theme:

"Plato and Lana on eRepublik's 7th Anniversary party"


- To enter the contest, you simply have to write a short story and post it on this Forum topic. Alternatively, you can also write an article in the game and share the link here. However, the article has to clearly state that it’s participating in this contest, and it must follow all the other rules as well.
- The short story can’t exceed 77 words or 7 phrases. So yes, it has to be literally short!
- In order to be eligible for the prizes, your story has to be posted here by Day 2,562 01:00 eRepublik time.
- The content has to be original.
- The content has to be somehow related to the given theme.
- The content has to be written in English, so it can be understood and enjoyed by most (Plato included).
- One citizen can participate with a maximum of 2 stories.
- The winners will be decided by Plato, and declared on Day 2,562.


The prizes for the top 3 are following:

- 1st place: 77 Gold and 7 Energy Bars
- 2nd place: 7,7 Gold and 7 Energy Bars
- 3rd place: 7 Energy Bars

As mentioned earlier, the top 3 is determined by Plato himself!

Good luck and have fun writing! 🙂

I decided to enter the contest with this little poem of exactly 77 words 🙂 , enjoy!

First Plato has emerged out of bits and bytes,
Trying to unleash some serious fights.

He made a lot of people standing behind,
While wars broke out and treaties were signed.

People were spending hours playing the game,
While Plato was moving towards the fame.

Then out of a sudden a woman appeared,
Plato felt forgotten and a little weird.

As the woman was Lana, the sexy lady trainer,
Guys lost their minds of the muscle gainer.



Golika's poem for the 7Th Anniversary Community Contest