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Plato Appreciation Day

Day 2,124, 20:48 Published in USA USA by ArcNox




Dear eRepublik players,

The admins have been stealing the taxes paid by employees at least since the implementation of the work tax. Here is how it works:

- You get a job, let's say the wage is 20 CC.
- Let's also assume the work tax rate is 10%.
- You work. The employer pays 20 CC. You get 18 CC.
- You would think 2 CC would be sent to the government treasury, right? IT DOESN'T!!

How did we discover this?

The eUS Economic Council was conducting a test to measure if the new average wage value was working as intended. We tested it by paying a wage of 123,456 CC to a trusted individual (A Central Bank officer). The tax rate at the time was 25%. He earned 92,592 CC, and the employer lost 123,456 CC.

I record the gold and CC levels in the treasuries of top 20 countries every hour. This allows me to measure the income of the countries and get rid of the effects of donation and MPP laws. So I have an hourly record of the treasury.

Here it is:

I opened the logs after the experiment just to correct the tax income by the amount that should have been sent to the treasury (30,864 CC) so that we didn't count is as tax revenue for the purposes of determining our expenditures.

It wasn't there. At the time bracket when the experiment took place, there was no increase in the magnitude of 30,864 CC. Neither was there one in the following hours.

We repeated the experiment, checking the treasury three more times. The situation was the same.

Just recently Oblige has repeated the experiment, and recorded the process as a video. Here is the Youtube link:


It seems like the revenue is being divided by a thousand before being sent to the treasury. Good job there admins. A very telling mistake.

In short:

The admins have been stealing the income taxes of all eCountries for at least a month, perhaps longer. If we didn't do the experiment, we wouldn't have noticed it.

What did we do after we noticed? We sent multiple tickets. First I urged president Oblige to send the ticket. I thought his ticket would be taken seriously, given that he is the CP and is a dedicated gold-buyer. He was ignored.

Then I sent a ticket myself. Here are the results. Please read it starting from below:

One month has passed and nothing was done. eRepublik Admins and especially the incompetent Alex S. deserve their thievery to be made public, so I decided to write this article.

eUS lost 30,864 x 4 + 22,839 = 146,295 CC during the experiments.

It is estimated that eUS lost and additional 125,000 CC due to the tax revenues from citizens which didn't make it to the country treasury.

Plato stole 271,295 CC from eUS alone, which exceeds our weekly revenue. How much did he steal from your country? Only he knows.

Here is what should be done:

(1) The admins have to pay all the taxes lost to the countries. My dialogue revealed that they have logs of all wage payments, so they have enough data to calculate the taxes lost.

(2) They should apologize and fire Alex S.

Alex S. proved his incompetence on yet another issue relating to the Google Chrome browser slowdown on eRep tabs (solved with a single-line of code, yet he denies the existence of the problem, and says it is normal that eRep maxes out a core on a powerful PC capable of High Performance Computing with an i7 processor and 16GBs of RAM. I will touch this on another article)

Thanks for reading thus far, and please spread the news.

Kemal Ergenekon

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ArcNox Day 2,124, 20:49

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rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,124, 21:30


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