Plans and Team[TMW]!!

Day 2,236, 16:25 Published in South Africa Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by The Argead

I am Writing this Article in This Time cause I was pretty Busy this days organizing stuff I wasn't able even to log in to Train and Work 😡
But because I have more time now I have decided to talk a little bit about my plans and to publish the Team that is going to Work if I win.
So lets Start first with what I am planning to do.

Foreign Relations
We need to determine our place on the world political stage and to see what we are in the eyes of Argentina a Toy or a Friend.I will start signing MPP with countries and making friends it is just not very interesting to be in status quo.

Internal Problems
Doing something on this field is really going to be a big task cause we have a big threat on our doors and to Stop them its not going to be easy.
I also want to wake up the society of two-clicking and to give them a Goal to fight for and again to feel the trill when they login in erepublik.

I have been asking people this days and I tryed to make a good team of loyal players that will give the best to serve this Country:

CP:The Macedonian warior
Vice President:TheKoki


The Advisors will be helping me in making decisions about almost every thing that happens and I will not make a decision on a important stuff without their opinion.


The MOD's Duty will be on informing people about where their damage will be needed.The MOD will play a very important role on making friends with other countries cause if he is active then the people will Fire where they need to do it.

MOFA:Claudio Kilganon

MOFA is a very hard job which requires a lot of communication and authority that's why I picked them for this job cause I think they will work hard and will bring good results on that field.

Minister of Finance:Wilpanzer

A person that people trust in is needed to be a MoF that is why I picked him and I think that he will manage the finances well.

He is not well known in the SA society but I think that he has a big potential and that he can manage this position.MODA will continue the present programs and rise the Activity of the society in which I will help the most.


I have contacted the people that I think will do a good job on this position but I am still waiting for answer so I have decided not to hurry in electing people for this position before elections cause I don't want to make wrong choice so if I win then as soon as possible I will announce the names that will run in this Department.

My job is done for now it's your turn to decide who will be the one that will be the president this Month.

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