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Pinocchio Gate

Day 2,122, 04:14 Published in Chile Bulgaria by Stolch

A few days back, there was a sudden shift in TWO strategy, for months they would not start battles in CoT prime time even when these battles were uncontested. For some, unexplainable at the time, reason, both Serbia and Poland started battles as soon as their previous one ended in the middle of CoT prime time.

At the time this was contributed to tactics, trying to clear battles for the end of the next day, when the Bulgarian campaign against Lithuania would be at it's end. It also represented an opportunity for us to win the initiative for USA in their battle against Poland. So we adjusted priorities, planed and delivered damage in the key moments and we won both battles.

Yesterday the new "event" was announced by Pinocchio and Romania put a law for an AS right away and it became clear that TWO countries or at least select people in them have prior knowledge of this event. Romania could have started an Air STrike on Bulgaria while it was fighting hard battles with Lithuania and before even gaining a foot hold in Scandinavia if that was the aim all along, however it is clear now they knew of the impending "event" and so the AS was planed accordingly.

This of course cannot be proven, what can be proven however is the tampering of Pinocchio of the AS law of Romania. Of course this does not mean the actual administration of the game which I call Pinocchio (3 guesses why) is responsible, it can well be just one person that is rogue or involved that has done this, I have no knowledge of the inside workings of the administration of the game, however the result is very much evident.

Now we all know this to be true because we spent the whole day preparing for this AS so we knew well when the AS law was started. Before I put forward the pics, I'll explain quickly the significance of this tampering and why they felt it was needed.

The AS law was started at 1:14~1:15 erep time on eday 2121, which meant that at earliest the actual AS can start no earlier then 1:14~1:15 on eday 2122. At the same time the last unsuccessful Norwegian RW in Bulgaria had ended at 1:05 erep time on eday 2121. This meant that a new RW can be started only after 1:05 erep time on erep day 2122.

By starting an RW, before the AS commenced, Bulgaria had the option for choosing a region Romania cannot attack. If an RW was started in Trondelag, then Romania would have had to AS one of the other 2 region, but if Trondelag RW was successful, it would split the other two regions with no border between them, essentially closing the war between Romania and Bulgaria and allowing for Bulgaria to gain the initiative in any future war if Romania put an NE on Norway.

We of course expected more surprises that is why we kept our options open with an NE law on Norway and created more contingency plans. This does not change the fact that once again the administration 9of the game through it's actions or inactions is directly manipulating game events to the benefit of one country. Usually that country is Romania.

Some of us older players, remember when Hungarian president was hacked and the hacker together with the Romanian president managed to delete Hungary in hurry by retreading attacks (to retreat from battle was possible in V1). This was the manner in which Romania finally won after 2 years their war with Hungary. They had been #1 power forever but could not defeat the resilient Hungarians and had to resort to cheating to do so. Not only did the admins do not refund Hungary for the damage caused from that event, the Romanian President which was clearly an accomplice as he was starting each new battle was not sanctioned at the time.

Now the case is similar, Romania got outplayed and so Bulgaria took advantage of an opportunity and carried out a successful campaign in Scandinavia, to compensate for their inability, they have resorted to using admin manipulation.

While in the case of Hungary, it was an outside factor so the admins can claim no responsibility, this time it is direct "inside job". They have responded to tickets that the AS was started at 0:14 erep time on eday 2121. That is not true and here is the evidence.

I'll post all 3 and explain below:

pick 1

pick 2

pick 3

NOTE: I've had to use additional uploads as the original screenshots would not get displayed. (thanks to viper146) The links above them are to the original screenshots the pictures do not have the time highlighted for easier view expressly so that no tampering can be accused.

The first picture os of the law itself. One can immediately see that the timer is screwed, nothing new to erebuglik, however the possible explanation is that the timestamp of the law was tampered with. In any case it shows that the law was started 10 hours ago. At worst that is 10 hours and 59 minutes.

The second pick is a pick of when a shout was published with the first pick, it was done as soon as it was made, if the admins want to contest that fact I'm prepared to contact the appropriate company to get a time stamp on when the actual screenshot was taken by their add on. Here we can see that the post was made 15 hours ago and the time is 3:05 erep time on eday 2122.

The third pick is again of the same shout but now it shows the shout was made 16 hours ago and the time is 3:15 erep time on eday 2122.

That means the shout was made between 12:05 and 12:15 on erep day 2121. Since the first pick show us that at that time the maximum time that has elapsed since the start of the law is 10 hours and 59 minutes, the AS law itself cannot have been initiated before 1:05 erep time on eday 2121. Which is in stark contrast of what the admins have stated in tickets sent about this issue. I'll not post those answers so that they do not have an excuse to take down this article, however we have screenshots of them as well.

This manipulation of game events, is not only unacceptable but is against the laws of the European union concerning online commerce, I hope I do not need to quote those laws. With the started gold rush promotion, everyone who has bought any and participated in that battle is a customer who has been wronged.

We expect the administration of the game to carry out a full investigation and immediately fire for disciplinary reasons the person or persons responsible for this manipulation and to compensate all that have been adversely affected by it, less we're forced to seek to uphold our rights as customers by other means.


PS I find this act especially grievous since only yesterday Alexis Bonte responded to a long personal message I sent him in which many concerns were put forward and administration tampering in favour of certain players or player communities was one of them.

It is not enough that for years the administration of the game has given and allowed certain countries to have many more government organizations then everyone else, it is now actively changing game events.

PS2 For obvious purposes this article is available in googledocs as well:



lioshi Day 2,122, 04:20

stupid cheaters

attitt0 Day 2,122, 04:22


Stolch Day 2,122, 04:28

They have once again lied about the event as well, yesterday the first "prize" was 20 strength, today it is 10 strength.....

Pinocchio is earning his name by the minute.

Sebastian Magnific
Sebastian Magnific Day 2,122, 04:29


bakalin Day 2,122, 04:32

Mamaliga game - mamaliga rules!

bobo900 Day 2,123, 03:42

yes mamaliga rules, and castravetii and potatoes had no country

Mangusta Carpatina
Mangusta Carpatina Day 2,123, 10:13

Краставици и картофи Rules !

Mangusta Carpatina Day 2,123, 10:14

Comment deleted

STOYCH3V Day 2,122, 04:33

Stupid Platocchio 🙁

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 2,122, 04:35


eazyjp Day 2,122, 04:40


Ruletero Reloaded
Ruletero Reloaded Day 2,122, 04:40

I'm pretty sure that other side won't accept this... whatever, this is game and always will have cheaters.

The pacoX Day 2,122, 04:41

Comment deleted

Stolch Day 2,122, 04:48

there is no need for this type of comments, the fact that some would stoop so low does not make all as them.

The pacoX
The pacoX Day 2,122, 04:50

I know enough of them in RL so I can speak about this. and I can get FP, the article can not be deleted because of my comment - this is personal opinion.

RoboCopele Day 2,122, 04:58

Here's an interesting fact - according to Freud, the other reason Pinocchio's nose grows is to compensate for something else.

Stolch Day 2,122, 05:01

Freud was a smart man and a sick puppy.

invaluable Day 2,122, 05:47

What do you expect from the 3rd world? All they care about is fraud and caravans.
Remove 3rd world (mamaligurs included). Live better

Mangusta Carpatina
Mangusta Carpatina Day 2,123, 02:47

report 😁

invaluable Day 2,123, 02:53

Comment deleted

snakyy Day 2,123, 10:01

Hahahaha mangusta like all ROMAnians

bobo900 Day 2,123, 04:17

make in USA a better game, for you only

Mangusta Carpatina
Mangusta Carpatina Day 2,123, 10:08

snakyy ,you know what is History ? oh ,you came from bulgaria ,thats explains a lot of things 😁 ,

snakyy Day 2,123, 14:29

Yeah I know the history of the Balkans before 100 years u grandpa's speak an write on bulgarian language. Today u ROMAnians speak some shit mixed italian and spanish. In Whole world only ROManians and gipsies don't have an own leter - hmm strange. ASK uncle google what mangusta mean in Bulgarian language, try also with mangal, giuptin, mangasar...
Oh i forget don't ever think about history ROMAnia don't have own histori all u got is in Chaushesko dreams

totiboom Day 2,124, 08:22

Mangusta Carpatina ... dude, go home - you are drunk. You are right about one thing. The reason Bulgaria has more gypsies than ROMAnia is that we are separating bulgarians from those, so called, humans. You, on the other side, are not. Your whole country is made of ex-convicts and gypsies who were not wanted in the ottoman empire. (BTW - you were the real slaves for the ottomans. We struggled, you wanted them to rule you.) Why am I even explaining this to you? You are the one who lives in ROMAnia. Translate ROMA from english 🙂. And, one other thing - Bulgaria is one more than 1300 years old and bulgarians are even more ancient. When was ROMAnia formed? Don't even bother wondering - I am sure you don't know. The answer is 1859. So, please - talk to me about history! 🙂

snakyy Day 2,124, 10:23

U r too stupid to keep this conversations greetings for all ROManians

Mangusta Carpatina
Mangusta Carpatina Day 2,124, 10:45

😁 too stupid very well ,go back to your cave and stay there ,

Mangusta Carpatina Day 2,123, 22:43

Comment deleted

snakyy Day 2,123, 23:39

We cannot have congress with admins army on u side do u even read this news in newspaper where u sit and blame?
For u history facts: u language like i said shitmix + bulgarian u called slavs, there is no other language like u same like gipsies. But don't worry some day u language will be more close to gipsies monkey sounds and who knows u may have new name Sukarlandia or Gipsiania is pretty good choices .
But the big questions remains can u fight fair or u will play'n always in gipsy rules like best u can?

Mangusta Carpatina
Mangusta Carpatina Day 2,124, 00:22

you dare to speak of gypsies ? Your country have more than ours does ,the admins dont literally give a shit about any of the countries in the game ,there are not just romanian admins .And the slavic language ,is it invented by bulgarians ? No ,its speaked in bulgaria ,serbia ,croatia ,and all the ex Yugoslav states .😁(no ,your country wasnt part of yugoslavia .... ) THE GYPSIES ARE THE SECOND COMUNITY AFTER BULGARIANS in your country and you dare to make romania gypsiland 😁) ?

Simonymous Day 2,124, 01:07

No, your gipsies are more. And what is your greatest seaside resort? The town of Mangalia. hahahahaha

Mangusta Carpatina
Mangusta Carpatina Day 2,124, 01:26

Hopeless ,you cant talk with the bulgarians or Fyromanians ,oh ,yes youre right
Bulgaria the most Beautifull country
Athens ,Bucharest ,Belgrad ,Paris ,Moscova = Fyrom
Area 51 = Martian land ,Martians Ruleees !
Berlin = Italy
The russians dont drink vodka everiday
The most of the americans are not fat
The chinese arent eating dogs and the francs are the relatives with attila

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,122, 05:53

Nice article!

AldoRayne Day 2,122, 06:01


Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,122, 06:01

It never ends..

nimnul Day 2,122, 06:55

Buy more gold! (:

baroti Day 2,122, 07:01

Comment deleted

pakkiotto Day 2,122, 07:03


bgalex Day 2,122, 07:36


bgalex Day 2,122, 07:38

no need more comments

Daanitha Day 2,122, 07:52

Meh...the only reason to keep playing this game is friendship.
There's no reason to claim for a fair game, because eR is not a fair one. Which is really sad, coz a lot of people spend a lot of RL money here.
They hide all this kind of acts in "bugs"

Conclusion: With or without gold buyers they will keep doin this kind of shitty moves. But if you buy gold you make them rich more and more everyday.

HerrVodka Day 2,122, 07:57

I'm not going to pay salary to these scammers, thieves and cheaters

Plato forget my gold

kojoti2 Day 2,122, 08:05

i hope more players will follow i stop to buy gold long time ago....

Raymond Aubrac
Raymond Aubrac Day 2,122, 08:43

me too

Princess Aspas.BG
Princess Aspas.BG Day 2,122, 08:49

me too

Stolch Day 2,123, 05:28

I stopped long ago.

DimebagDarrell Day 2,122, 08:14

nothing's gonna happen in erebuglik

off whisky
off whisky Day 2,122, 08:55


BG.Iron.Fist Day 2,122, 09:45

not even i single coin for this mamaliga shity game 🙂

BG.Iron.Fist Day 2,122, 09:49

every day i see only 50 % more gold / 30 % cheaper nobody cares about economy.

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