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Picture Of The Day - Day 2038

Day 2,038, 11:07 Published in Japan Japan by Kagami Hiiragi

the request a picture of the day still goes on!
just name an anime or a character from an anime and I'll make it happen!

but I can only do another 50 POTDs.
so if you'd like to see something that you haven't seen yet on the paper, now's the time to request it!

today's pictures are of Yoshino from Date a Live as requested by Space Emperor:



synhro Day 2,038, 11:19


Akiyama Sairei
Akiyama Sairei Day 2,038, 23:37

Actually faasuto.

synhro Day 2,039, 00:29

Well..gone with the best - guess - it was wrong.

hurokay Day 2,038, 11:20


Master Tigers
Master Tigers Day 2,038, 11:29

I request Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo No Jikan 😃

Pooyan Snz
Pooyan Snz Day 2,038, 12:18

We-my generation,80's kids-were raised watching Cartoons made by Japan,and they were great,I spent most of my time watching those and I never forget the joy,I recall the names though,ofcourse some of them not all,and you may know some name was changed when translating...One I most loved was "Rascal the raccoon",the other I remember are:"Annet,a love story" or "Alp's kids",Walt School Kids",....Great stories were told through a very simple set of drawings,thanks 🙂

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 2,038, 12:20

My first request and I request girls from anime Senran Kagura ( main/light shinobi fraction - good ones and the villain ones - dark shinobi fraction xD ).

Drakantas Day 2,038, 18:30

good choice :3

Gatti15 Day 2,038, 16:52

In lolies we trust o/

Drakantas Day 2,038, 18:29

In lolies we trust o/

tatsuya kojiro
tatsuya kojiro Day 2,039, 05:02


11Darkwolf1 Day 2,040, 07:24

I request Konjiki no Yami from To Love Ru

Revolucionarbgd Day 2,044, 07:17

I'm currently watching Date A Live...

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