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Picture Of The Day !!! [Day 1,594 of the New World]

Day 1,594, 07:39 Published in Serbia Venezuela by Mucuchies

Znate onu izreku jedna slika vrijedi 1000 rijeci.....
-You know the saying a picture is worth 1000 words .....



Amd sempron
Amd sempron Day 1,594, 07:52


Branjo O.o Ruman
Branjo O.o Ruman Day 1,594, 07:54

1 iza Amd-a ^^

Willy Gray
Willy Gray Day 1,594, 08:06

Unban Savage VS!

Nekako terapeutski deluje...

bg-pobednik Day 1,594, 09:22

koja pi*cka je prijavila Savega? Da mi je samo znati ... znao bi sta bi mu radio

srpski komadant
srpski komadant Day 1,594, 09:27

a sto su ga banovali moze li se znati?

Quantum Solace
Quantum Solace Day 1,594, 12:28

Unban Savage VS!

Leonard78 Day 1,594, 23:56

Unban Savage VS

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