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Personal Column : Day 2031

Day 2,031, 04:13 Published in India Croatia by Ashish Patel

The Indian Military Party is becoming a dumping ground for some a$$hole multi-makers. However, I still expect the majority being on my side. I always remain prepared for every consequences.

Some worst case scenarios:

1. A$$hole gets f*cked his way to PP. (well, I can't stop laughing. What makes you think you will be considered smart using multis and taking over parties who are building their grounds? Well It's not a big deal for me. I've got a much better life than you. I can build new parties, whenever I wish to.)

2. I'll lose some eIndians. (I'm aware of multis and I've written on party shoutbox if you are multi-maker, Gay politician or anti-national - this party is not for you. Pretty straight forward. If I see activities against my interests, I'll have to do what I do not wish to do. Report the multi-makers flooding party, and lose eIndians)

Said that, I believe the majority, even if a multi, would not participate with any evil brains. Its in your best interest, its in the party and countries interest.

Published Day 2031

Department of LOLMedia
~~The Indian Military Party

~~Serving the great nation of ours~~


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 2,031, 09:49

hail LOL media \o/

Broken1 Day 2,031, 21:33

Fuk multis... innocent people get blamed and actual multis live on

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