Peoples Communist Post Up And Running

Day 373, 13:12 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Lee Marshal

Comrades, the people of this great nation, you now have another voice.

The Peoples Communist Post is here to voice your concerns, and the views of the illustrious PCP.

Although this might only be a small newspaper, it can turn into something great.

For the first article, i am going to address two items.

First things first, i would like to address the new citizens of the new world. You might think it might be hard to make something of yourself, but the PCP are issuing these 10 steps to all new citizens to get them starte😛

1) Apply for a Job
go to the Market Tab - select the Human Resorces Tab - Find a company that suites your needs - click Apply. Remember to work daily, to earn some money, but also to build up your skill - with better skills you earn more money.

2) Become a Soldier
go to My Places Tab - Army - Click the Join Army link - Train daily, so you can build up you military skill.

3) Join eUK Army
when you reach strength 3.00 (if you are active you will reach strength 3.00 iin approximately 9 days,depends about your knowledge - Trivia questions) fill eUK Army Conscription form,link ,You have no obligations to fight until a war brakes out and can work in your company normally during that time. If war does brake out, wait for orders from your CO. Remember to train daily on you military skill.

4) Join a Party
when you reach level 7 you can join a Party ( in approximately 10 days), go to My Places Tab - Party. Being a member of a Party means that you can build up you political career if you want to. The benefit of being a member is to get know many people in the Party who can help you in your eR life. Remember - eR politics are different to real life politics.

5) Join The eUK Forum
all important things regarding the eUK,eR and etc. happens here. Try to become active on the forum, don't hesitate to ask on any matter, there are a number of members who will help you.Post on Political->Party Forums and ask for access to your party forum

6) Introduce Yourself on the Welcome Forum
It's the fastest way for people to hear you, and to make friends. Introductions will get your name “out there” and will make you look like you want to contribute to the party.

7) Join Gift Exchange Programs
You started your eR life with 50 wellness. Many players or parties will be eager to help you in your wellness if you just ask. These programs or people will help you to bring your wellness up to 100 in no time. Wellness is important in your working career, with more wellness you produce more units daily, and you are in a position to earn a better salary. Also, wellness is important in battles, when it comes to one, with full wellness you have a much better chance to win your fights and advance in military rank. People's Communist Party - have excellent Gift Exchange Program

8 )Look for Openings in Government/Party Programs
Become active in the game. Learn from older members, it will help you in your political career. Working in programs will take you only a few minutes of playing the game, but will make your game more interesting. Get to know your party president and see if the party needs help in any sector that you might have interest in. If not (which is unlikely), ask heads of national departments, the cabinet and the president if necessary, if there is any work that you can do. There will always be something that you can help out with.

9) Create Your Own Newspaper
Go to My Places Tab - Newspaper. It's 2 GOLD to create your paper. Write articles only on matters that concerns eRepublik - other articles might be erased, and you could be banned.

10) Read/Write Daily
All public activity in eRepublik is in the media - reading them will better inform you of all relations in the eUK and eRepublik. Also, it is recommended that you READ BEFORE YOU POST. In other words, it is recommended that you read other newspapers before posting something that might be of the same substance. Also, as a courtesy to others do not write more than 2 articles per day. Writing more will cause flooding of the material in the media and it can “bump” potentially more relevant information from the news wires.

Secondly, this is to my fellow comrades within the ranks of the PCP.
Draaglom has created a census for all PCP members within our forums. I insist that you sign in and let your fellow comrades that you are present. I thank you in advance.

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